Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre Set for APAP Showcase, 1/13


Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre joins with other Pentacle Gallery artists for an APAP Showcase of new and touring work on January 13, 2013 at 7pm at Ailey Studio 5B, 405 West 55th Street, New York City. Tickets are free - reservations are always appreciated and may be made at 212-278-8111 x8 or

In Pentacle's APAP Showcase, Selwyn will present "Oblivion," a duet from Five Minutes, as well as "Reflect," a duet from Detour.

Five Minutes is an evening-length dance theatre work that takes the audience through a series of contrasting emotional and physical paradigms in five-minute intervals. The piece asks: what does it mean to wait for five minutes? To fill five minutes? How is time measured differently by our experiences? The movement speaks to these questions in extended limbs, physical risk, desire, energy, release, touch, and balance. The choreography seeks out spontaneous discoveries, raw and uninterrupted, to let movement flow from momentum and physical sensation. In Five Minutes, our experience of time is malleable and the world on-stage renews itself into a different place and time every five minutes. Five Minutes premiered at Dance Theater Workshop in June 2011.

"Amanda Selwyn is a master at illustrating the symbiosis of sound and movement, the romance of motion and emotion - she had me laughing, crying, cringing and gasping all in the short 55-minute production." - Inside New York

Detour is an evening-length dance theatre work that shifts perspective and perception. Through physical dynamics, luscious movement, and theatrical elements, Detour continually shifts the experience of perception. Turning movement inside out, Detour plays with timing and musicality, stillness and repetition, spatial design and direction. It is in these moments of detour, when the possibilities for change reveal themselves. Detour premiered at New York Live Arts in June 2012.