DON'T BLAME THE MESSENGER and MENTAL CRUELTY by Lee Kronert are Available Now

DON'T BLAME THE MESSENGER and MENTAL CRUELTY by Lee Kronert are Available Now

Understanding the hot button issues isn't as simple as black and white; in fact, shades of gray offer the most clarity. In his fictional narratives, "Don't Blame the Messenger" and "Mental Cruelty," author Lee Kronert merges fact and fiction to paint a realistic picture of the controversial educational and judicial systems.

In "Don't Blame the Messenger" Kronert uses his experiences as a math teacher in the western New York school system to take on school policies, state Department of Education leadership, bullying and why a teacher's tenure should be maintained and viewed as something vital for the process of learning.

"The former world, where teachers were revered, looked up to by children and parents, and respected because of the crucial role they played, is all but a forgotten memory," Kronert said. "Today, parents and school administrators often demonize teachers and are openly critical of the tenure system, which protects their positions seemingly forever."

Kronert turns from education to his experiences as husband to a difficult wife in his book, "Mental Cruelty."

In the book, Kronert uses his characters to relay the turmoil he experienced as his marriage dissolved into a painful divorce. Through the eyes of his main character, Kronert speaks out on behalf of all fathers in opposition of the unjust legal system and advocates for truth and equal rights in divorce proceedings.

From trying to thrive as a teacher in a school system that ties his hands professionally, to his experiences as husband to a difficult wife, through his characters, Kronert offers poignant insight into these tumultuous issues.

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"Don't Blame the Messenger" and "Mental Cruelty"
By Lee Kronert
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book

About the author

Dr. Lee Kronert is a chiropractor and math teacher from Portville, New York. Lee loves the Lord, his work, his children, and his life. Recently divorced, he is an advocate for divorced men's rights. His goal is to help protect deserving men in an unjustified legal system.