BWW Interview: Poet and Writer Sandy McPherson Geary

BWW Interview: Poet and Writer Sandy McPherson Geary

Sandy McPherson Geary is a Poet, Writer and Host of "The Screening Room Poetry Series".

MCL: When did you start Writing? What did you first started Writing about?

SMG: I first began writing while in grade school. My subjects were Nature and the natural world. In fact, my first published poem appeared in "Buffalo's Best" an anthology published by the Buffalo School District. It's entitled "Once" and is about winter.

MCL: What makes you want to Write?

SMG: Michelangelo said something in the marble struggled to come out and he simply released it. In my case, something seemingly tangible struggles to be released so I write a short story, essay or poem to give it form.

MCL: What Poets and Writers have influenced you?

SMG: I have always loved E.E. Cummings and like Robert Frost, Susan Rich, and Robert Burns. Flannery O'Connor and Joyce Carol Oates are my favorite fiction writers.

MCL: Describe your Writing style?

SMG: I don't think I have a writing style. I want to allow the reader to understand and not be obtuse so I write simply, emotionally. I like metaphors and try to employ them whether I am writing fiction, essays, or poems.

MCL: What's your favorite subject matter to Write about?

SMG: I write about what sparks my interest or upsets me in a particular moment. For example, when a priest was implicated in gun smuggling for the IRA, I wrote a short story about a boy and his mother escaping The Troubles. Lately I have been writing love poems. I prefer writing about the human condition and giving voice to the voiceless in my essays.

MCL: How personal do you get in your Writing?

SMG: In my poetry I often bare my soul. I have also done that in essays. In fiction, of course, I am creating characters. Usually, I pattern some of those characters after people I have known.

MCL: What do you want people to know about you?

SMG: I want people to know I am sincere and I care about our planet and the people who inhabit it, all of the people, regardless of their color or religion. I love to learn about people I meet. Sharing our stories is a way to understand one another and not feel threatened by each other.

MCL: You host a very popular Monthly Opn Mic? How did that come about?

SMG: I have been attending The Screening Room Poetry Series for several years. I attended sporadically when my first husband was ill. But, once I was widowed, I came back. So when the previous host could no longer continue because of her altered work schedule, I offered to take over. I did not want the series to end. I think it is important to have a safe place for newer writers and more experienced ones to try out their material in a non-threatening environment.

MCL: Please let us know more about the monthly event series.

SMG: The Screening Room Poetry Series takes place on the third Wednesday of the month from September until June. We break for the summer months of July and August. The event begins at 7:30 P.M. and usually lasts until 9 P.M. for a $3.00 admission fee that goes to the folks letting us use the venue. Attendees may bring short fiction, essays or poetry. We also encourage musicians to come and share their talent with us.

MCL: Time to promote ... What's coming up for you and the monthly series for 2019?

SMG: On March 20 Verneice Turner, actor, poet, singer will be the featured reader. April 17 George Grace will share his poetry and perhaps some of his other writings. May 16 we will have two featured readers - Patrick Hulsman and Richard Olson, two Vietnam War veterans. We end in June on the 19th with Maureen O'Connor reading her poetry. I am just beginning to put together the rest of the 2019 schedule and hope to include some surprises.


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