Author Roxanne Danielle Roland as Doctor Rox has a fast selling book out and even more new projects coming our way.

Ms. Danielle ... or is it Doctor Rox? Well, both of these talents took a break from Writing to answer a few questions.

MCL: What is the name of your book?

RD: Love Said F... You Too

MCL: Where does the title come from?

RD: People get into relationships prematurely without an understanding of self and the other person. Then when it fails they say F love. So the book discusses taking accountability for your position in the relationship.

MCL: You have said that this book was "written for women facing relationship and self-accountability issues." When and why did you want to write about this?

RD: I decided to write this book in 2015 when I discovered that I was a woman facing love and relationship issues but it was never my fault. It was then that I said F love I don't want to love anymore. At that point I started reflecting on my life. My studies and realized there were things that I ultimately was doing wrong. There were things that I could have seen early on to prevent heartbreak, in some relationships I could have tried harder. So I stopped blaming Love and decided to share a message for all women to do the same. None of us are perfect and nothing is one sided

MCL: How has the feedback been?

RD: Honestly excellent from both men and women. It's not the typical male bashing book or the do what I say and life will be great type of book. It really takes a hear is the situation here is what we keep doing, let's figure out how to make it right approach.

MCL: Is this a subject matter you want to explore more on?

RD: Honestly parts of me explore it with lie life and friendship all of the time, but I have other topic areas that are beginning to peak my interest.

MCL: How did you start Writing the book? How much research?

RD: I researched social and psychological educational foundations during my masters projected coupled with counseling techniques as well as my own curiosity about love and relationships. I learned these things even before I was attached to writing about them.

MCL: Anything about the book's subject that you can personally relate to?

RD: Everything about the books subject EVERYTHING

MCL: Now that the book is out and has been selling well ... is there anything in the boom you would change?

RD: Yes I had a chapter dedicated to the Single Mother and I didn't include it. I would have added that chapter.

MCL: Time to promote ... what's coming up for you 2017/2018?

RD: 2018 I will be doing a play based off of the book. This will combine the two things I love. I have a tentative date set for April at Buffalo's Shea's to put the play on. Other than that I am planning a marketing trip to all of the colleges to promote the book.??


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