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DIFFERENT TRAINS Announces Virtual Screening and Talk Back

The screening takes place September 12.

DIFFERENT TRAINS Announces Virtual Screening and Talk Back

A unique adaptation of Steve Reich's masterwork of the same name. Using electronics and a live string quartet, 'Different Trains' is a cirque-inspired immersive performance that transports its audience to a time of instability, proving darkly nostalgic, profoundly devastating, but ultimately hopeful.

Ticket suggested donation $10-$20
*Link for the event with ticket purchase

Reich wrote 'Different Trains' while contemplating his childhood trips between New York and Los Angeles in the 1940's. As a Jewish man, it occurred to him that similar train trips in Europe during that time had a very different and haunting implication. This adaptation explores that implication in three movements, where Brooklyn's top professional circus troupe, ABCirque, depict the ups and downs of a family before, during, and after the holocaust. Through use of the redoubtable German Wheel and aerial choreography, 'Different Trains' breaks the fourth wall by inviting the audience to a brief ceremony prior to the show, and placing them close to the performance area during each movement. The intimate setting, impactful quartet, and heart wrenching performances allow 'Different Trains' to dive deep into the emotional capacity of everyone involved, striking a chord that resonates with the music's inspiration. With deeply personal and urgent lessons from the past, 'Different Trains' hopes to bring action againt antisemitism and open a dialogue promoting community, support, and change for our present and future.

Starring: Angela Butch, Elie Venezky, Chris Delgado, Nicole Valerie Miller, Shayna Golub, Yoni Kallai, Elizabeth Foster

Musicians: Luke Krafka, Leah Asher, Michael Davis, Ravenna Lipchik, Casey Bauer, Collin Couvillion

**Different Trains is not recommended for children under age 11 and viewing is up to the parent's discretion.**

Different Trains aims to bring together a community of Jews and allies to work towards awareness and peace for all. Please join us after the performance for the Memorial Siren, followed by a discussion about how to join our mission of community, support, and change for our future.

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