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BWW Blog: College Audition Advice

BWW Blog: College Audition Advice

Hello Broadway World! My name is Kate Klika and I am currently a freshman at Boston Conservatory at Berklee majoring in Musical Theater. Over these next few weeks I'll have the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences so far here at BOCO, but this first week I want to focus on college audition advice. College audition season can be super fun for some and a huge stressor for others, but I wanted to share what I wish my senior-year self could have heard.

Tip #1: Stop comparing yourself and your journey to others'. College auditions are a unique experience for everyone; I have friends who auditioned for one or two schools and some who auditioned for over 20. Some people do coaches and summer audition prep programs, while others prepare more on their own. There is no one way to go about auditions, and do not let anyone intimidate you into thinking what you are doing is wrong. While it's of course important to not ignore feedback, know who is truly in your corner and who you trust as mentors. The most important thing I can share is to remember that you are on your own path and if you have a gut feeling about something you want to sing or a place you want to audition for, listen to yourself. I started my prescreens and auditions singing songs that I did not feel very connected to but was told were good choices for me, and I ended up changing my two songs halfway through audition season to pieces that I felt truly passionate about singing; once I sang the songs I loved, I started to get acceptances.

Tip #2: This tip comes from my friend Kelsie Engen, who is also studying here at BOCO: "Remember that you're auditioning schools just as much as they're auditioning you. Make sure you'd be truly happy at the places you're looking into." I totally agree with her. Make sure you are picking schools because you are truly interested in their program, not just because of their reputation or the fact that they have famous graduates. A school can have a fantastic program but it might not match the learning environment you're looking for. Also, know what kind of degree program each school offers; there is a difference between a BFA, a BA, and a BM. Research schools before you audition and especially before you consider committing, and visit the campus if possible.

BWW Blog: College Audition AdviceTip #3: Another friend and classmate of mine, Aidan McKeon: "It's very possible that you will be rejected from a majority of schools you audition for, and all it takes is one yes (which will come) to make the ten no's irrelevant. Pay no mind to the people around you who seem to be getting into schools left and right, and realize it's a personal endeavor and you will come out of it as a stronger artist and person." Repeat after me: acceptances do not determine your self-worth or talent. There are so many factors that go in to who is accepted and who isn't; Sutton Foster did not get into the University of Michigan yet will be probably remembered as one of the most influential performers of our time. You will end up where you are meant to be.

Tip #4: Mental health is just as important as physical health. You can do 20 minutes of vocal warmups before an audition and stretch every day but if you are not taking care of your inner self as well you will get run down very quickly. Try not to let the pressure of auditions take over your senior year. College auditions are not the culmination of your performing career: you're not auditioning at schools to show that you are already perfect, you are going because you want to learn and grow. Trust the process and know that you will end up where you are supposed to be! You are auditioning for these schools because you love to perform; let that passion drive you, not fear or the expectations of others. To quote one of my favorite actresses, Sierra Boggess, remember that you are enough, you are so enough, it is unbelievable how enough you are! You have nothing to prove, only to share.

Happy auditioning, and break a leg!

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