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Disney+ #1
Posted: 11/12/19 at 7:43pm
Anyone else subscribe today? Initial reactions?

Its exactly what they said it would be - Netflix, but everything Disney owns. I had some troubles logging in throughout the day, but bugs like that this early are to be expected. Im just amazed by the choices. Its one thing to know Disney has a deep catalog, but to see it all at your fingertips is really remarkable.

I watched the first episode of The Imagineering Story. Its pretty standard fare if youve ever read about the creation of Disneyland, but its great to see so many people who were actually there interviewed and so much concept art and all that behind-the-scenes footage. Itll be interesting to see how it progresses, and Im glad theyre going week by week instead of all at once.

I moved promptly on to Beauty and the Beast when I got home from work, because nostalgia. Im so happy + is finally here. As a Disney diehard, this is such a gift.
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Disney+ #2
Posted: 11/12/19 at 9:34pm
I think most people will exhaust their back catalogue quickly as it’s actually relatively small and most of it caters to a younger demographic. I predict it will bleed subscribers in the coming months when people realize they went 20 years without Goof Troop and can go 20 more without paying a monthly fee for it. I think the key to Disney+’s success lies in original content. Most of the responses I’ve seen to “The Mandalorian” appear to be favorable so if it becomes a popular success and Disney can sustain that with more “must watch” original options, then Disney+ can become a success.

Speaking personally, as a Disney fan who owns most of their animated film canon, I am mostly pleased with the offerings here. They have a much wider collection of classic animated shorts than was initially announced— this is great news to me because I was too young to collect these shorts when they were released on DVD. I haven’t watched The Imagineering Story yet but I’m eager to view it as well as all the other upcoming Disney documentaries— that, said one should always be wary of Disney when it’s telling its own history. The inclusion of The Simpsons and NatGeo appeal to me, and I hope to watch the Disney Nature documentaries which I always had a passive interest in but never cared to seek out. I’ll probably watch an episode or two of The Little Mermaid TV series, but I doubt I’ll enjoy it the way I did as a child. Gargoyles is my favorite animated series and even though I own it on DVD, I will binge it on Disney+ so that Disney may consider producing a revival.

I’ve watched very little. This morning before work, I went through all the usual suspects to see if anything had been newly edited— and to my mild surprise, nothing had. I watched a 1-hour episode of “Encore!” which took 2-hours because my Firestick kept freezing. I started watching “The Simpsons” on my iPhone instead and that was no problem.

To summarize, I like the service well enough (it could be better) but I think it has an uphill battle to retain subscribers.
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Disney+ #3
Posted: 11/12/19 at 10:25pm

I recently tested Disney - but even I want to see The Mandallorian because I have been waiting my whole life for Werner Herzog to star in a TV show. Are these called "TV shows"? Those of you who test Disney+ will still be able to live long and healthy lives. Don't give up!

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Disney+ #4
Posted: 11/13/19 at 9:34am
I signed up for the 7 day free trial and canceled right away. Not only do I already own pretty much every movie they have there but i can’t use chrome cast to watch it on my Tv (google results say this is an issue that “might” be resolved). I’m also of an age where I was too old for the Disney channel tv shows of the 90s and was really hoping for some good 80’s content, like Kids Incorporated. Maybe over time it will be worth looking at again but now, I’m good.
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Disney+ #5
Posted: 11/13/19 at 10:15am

Yeah, I wanted to see Kids Incorporated and MMC (with Justin, Christina, and Britney) but alas.....not on there yet.  But, I have enjoyed the 60s and 70s Disney movies with Kurt Russell and Haley Mills.  But, I did watch "The Mandalorian" yesterday and really enjoyed it.  Can't wait to see the next episode on Friday. 

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Disney+ #6
Posted: 11/15/19 at 12:08am
As someone who has purged a lot of physical media in the past few years, it’s really nice to have access to a lot of this stuff, as I own almost none of the original animated classics on DVD anymore. Also as a child born in the late 90s, having the 2000s Disney channel catalog is quite fun for me, I’ve been rewatching That’s So Raven and Kim Possible as well as finally watching the Raven reboot, Raven’s Home. Not to mention watching DCOMs I was fond of as a child or may have missed for one reason or another. Overall so far it’s got the nostalgia factor going for it hard, but I do agree original content will be the thing that draws people in. I don’t follow anything to do with Star Wars, but I watched the first episode of Encore and thought it was sweet and I’ll definitely tune in to the new episodes.
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Disney+ #7
Posted: 11/15/19 at 7:18am
Not signing up though I'm interested in the new Lady and the Tramp. The amount of different subscriptions one needs to watch everything nowadays has gotten out of hand and I don't feel like supporting this system.
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Disney+ #8
Posted: 11/15/19 at 9:05am

The one thing I really wished for, and this is showing my very specific age, is One Saturday Morning- not just the shows, which are probably there, but a chance to see the interstitials, sketches and segments that went between the shows. Remember Robin Williams reprising the Genie for "Great Minds Think for Themselves?"

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Disney+ #9
Posted: 11/15/19 at 2:56pm
As someone who grew up watching Disney channel, this has been like a dream?? Being able to watch Phil of the future, even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire, and so many others has really made studying for finals difficult. Ahahaha.... I kid. I’m in love with this and my free week trial will certainly be extending until I finish reminiscing my childhood. Which will be never.
Also really love the new high school musical and mandallorian series’

Lastly, can we talk about what a year former Glinda’s are having? Especially finding success in comedic television roles between Kate Reinders and Helene Yorke?
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Disney+ #10
Posted: 11/16/19 at 2:39pm

The amount of 4K content is impressive. The Star Wars films have never looked better. And since they're not currently available on 4K Blu-ray, it's great to  have the opportunity to view them this way. For any Disney fan with a 4K TV, for $6.99/month, I highly recommend.

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Disney+ #11
Posted: 12/24/19 at 8:56pm
Does it make me a horrible person to be smitten with the character of Ricky from “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”? The actor is of age. I checked!
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Disney+ #12
Posted: 12/25/19 at 10:01pm

Luscious said: "The amount of 4K content is impressive. The Star Wars films have never looked better. And since they're not currently available on 4K Blu-ray, it's great to have the opportunity to view them this way. For any Disney fan with a 4K TV, for$6.99/month, I highly recommend."

On the opposite side of things, having been watching some of the older movies (like The Swiss Family Robinson) on my parents' new 4k tv the past few days, I actually don't care for those titles being converted into UHD. I don't know if it's Disney doing it, or if it's being upscaled by the tv itself, but it definitely makes those movies look a little odd. The picture is too sharp and the feel of the film is just off because of it.

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Oldies m
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Disney+ #13
Posted: 12/30/19 at 7:14pm

30 % of the content is good 70% is garbage.

Like name one person who's going to watch Meet the Deedles, Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish,Candleshoe,or Doug’s 1st Movie?


I honestly perfer physical media because of this





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Disney+ #14
Posted: 12/30/19 at 10:12pm

I really enjoyed THE IMAGINEERING STORY, although Episode 6 was an odd mix of commercial and damage control. ENCORE is a blast, and watching the classic films has been fun. Besides Marvel and Star Wars, I'd love to see more original content! Excited to see what they do to LIZZIE MCGUIRE.

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Disney+ #15
Posted: 1/2/20 at 3:42pm

I also enjoyed The Imagineering Story and have been watching One Day at Disney as well. In terms of the catalog, I like that they are adding things that have not been available to stream previously such as Austin & Ally which is getting added later this month. I know I've seen comments about other hard to find series as well. I'm hoping more of the TV movies and specials from the 80s and 90s start to show up. 

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Disney+ #16
Posted: 1/2/20 at 6:45pm
Im just loving Encore, but thats about it...truth be told, I just wanted to see The Mandalorian.
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Disney+ #17
Posted: 1/7/20 at 6:03pm

Oldies m said: "30 % of the content is good 70% is garbage.

Like name one person who's going to watchMeet theDeedles,Richie Rich’s ChristmasWish,Candleshoe,orDoug’s 1stMovie?

I honestly perfer physical media because of this


You want one person- Me. I watched Doug's first movie a few days ago and plan on watching Richie soon. Some of us 90's kids are nostalgic for those types. Lolz

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