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Remdiner Universal pushed back the film adaptation of Wicked for Cats  Dec 30 2019, 07:09:50 PM

Reminder we were supposed to get the film adaptation of Wicked this year but they deiced to push it back 2 years in favor of cats


Who ever did that was an idiot 

1990 television Aladdin musical starring Barry Bostwick  Nov 26 2019, 09:02:25 AM


For some reason it's set in imperial china

Has their ever been a good sequel to a musical?  Sep 4 2019, 10:08:04 AM

Gresse 2 sucks

Love never Dies is stupid

Shock treament is gargbge

and no one remebers bring back birde 


Why are their no good sequals to Musicals?

What show do you wish you could be in?  Sep 1 2019, 10:33:55 AM

Wether it be a brodway show that your commuinty theater will never do becuse it's so expensive,or just haven't done for what ever reason.


Avenue Q for,not only do I like the show,but I love puppets and want to try out pupetry 

Dose West Side Story better or Worst with the Sharks being Puerto Ricans ?  Jul 10 2019, 11:59:19 AM

As great as West Side Story is,It bugs me every time I watch or see it that the Sharks are Puerto Ricans. Why? Becuse Puerto Ricans are American citizens!  The song America dosn't work for me for this reason.Becuse when the Sharks are discussing whether  Puerto Rico or the USA is better. They act like it was hard for them to move to USA and Puerto Rico isn't part of the USA. I mean in reality, Rosalia and the gang could go back to the Puerto Rico as

is after anatevka canon ?  Feb 13 2019, 07:06:11 PM

Just found out about it! is it canon?

Perfect casting for a revival that never has happened  Jan 17 2019, 10:18:28 PM

I think Seth McFarland and Kristen Bell for Music Man 

While not a fan of Seth Mcfarland, I've always felt he was born to play Harold Hill on Broadway he has the voice,the syle the look and personality of a Harold Hill and Kristen Bell looks the part and i have a feeling she could hit the high notes if she tried



Addy and Uno Broadway chances  Jan 6 2019, 08:38:41 PM

Just heard about this musical. I was wondering if it has a chance of Broadway? As an experiment, Thier has never been a Broadway show for toddlers and it is nice to get some diversity in genres on Broadway. Seem's like something  Helen Hayes Theatre could do.

Why don't they make cheep family friendly musicals anymore?  Nov 27 2018, 06:37:14 PM

High school musicals are like the only way a lot of people experience the art of theater and it is nice if there was a cheaper and more family-friendly musicals being made so high schools can do them.
same for community theater 

Do you think a Bye Bye Bride revival set in the modern age would work?  Nov 25 2018, 04:16:50 PM

The satire and themes are still relevant, and you could make it a statement on who teens never really change.

Tern Conrad Bridie into a You Tube/musicaliy star, update the rock songs to rap or pop songs and make the Ed Sulvlain song about Steven Colbert or Jame Cordon. The only problem I see you facing is Why Conrad needs to go into the army.

Do you think that would work?

Movie musicals surprised dont have stage addptions  Oct 12 2018, 09:07:51 PM

You could get rid of Sweethaven entirely and make the opening Blow Me Down. Honestly Sweethaven is pointless number becuse Blow Me Down dose the same and job  Sweethaven intronceding the town and we learn about popye as a character 

Movie musicals surprised dont have stage addptions  Oct 11 2018, 08:24:01 PM

 know its a joke that every movie gets a musical these days, but Broadway is days.But its true. So with that being shocked to see dont have stage versions.


for me Popeye(1980) honestly I'm shocked they haven't tried to do a stage version of that movie. I dont the sets would be a problem even the climax of the story with the octopus. In fact I think it might do better as a stage version then a flim version. The only reason I can think Viacom not

Japanese Musicals coming to broadway?  Sep 16 2018, 11:39:47 AM

Do you think their will ever be a chance for musicals from japan to make it to broadway?

I'm no okaku or anything but It be interesting to see some of the musicals they have made based of the Anime/manga their to make it to broadway.

Official Recordings of Broadway show are eligible for The National Flim registry and Criterion collection apparently  Aug 29 2018, 04:22:56 PM


Anyway,So I asked some from the Criterion Collection and the National Film  Registry and they said it is possible for Archival recordings to become to be added to their collections. The person  Criterion said you can suggest

Avenue Q movie  Aug 29 2018, 10:14:44 AM

To be fair,

The show has some brand recognition,and has Robert Lopez attached,who has major ties to Disney,so it is possible  If Robert wanted  to he could maybe convince Disney to do it, and they might say yes as a reward for Frozen and Coco.But when  20th century  Fox merger is finalized of course 

Avenue Q movie  Aug 28 2018, 07:19:51 PM


So after the failure of HappyTime Murders ive gotten back into Avenue Q ,I feel we desperately need a movie version. Happytime Murders pissed me off so much, in all it’s everything Avenue Q already done terribly. Plus Avenue Q has kind of fallen out of the public conscious as oddly enough I've met more people that who have herd of Meet Feebles and Wonder Showzen which I consider more obscure ,which is sad  as it the best adult puppet show

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