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Weekly SNL thread
Started By: jasonf
1,9391,910,49910/19/20 11:36pm
Trump commits 500 billion to Black communities
Started By: chicagodannyd
1645810/19/20 5:15pm
Can someone with glasses pull off corpse paint (face paint?)
Started By: deathcoregirl97
314410/19/20 7:19am
I Will Vote
Started By: Highland Guy
1957110/18/20 7:03pm
South Florida
Indoor Dining in NYC. A Tale of 2 Scrooges
Started By: Mr Roxy
471,52010/18/20 1:27pm
Sutton Ross
What is America?
Started By: chicagodannyd
216310/17/20 9:45pm
Who's got the pain when they get the covid?
Started By: sabrelady
326410/17/20 1:36pm
The 40-Year-Old Version
Started By: VintageSnarker
05310/17/20 4:05am
Drag Race Holland (With Spoilers)
Started By: Jordan Catalano
441,63510/16/20 5:11pm
Trump tests positive for covid19
Started By: SmoothLover
692,01210/16/20 4:17am
favorite new England coffee flavors
Started By: Beinglis23
03110/16/20 3:53am
I voted today!
Started By: Gorlois
2428910/16/20 12:19am
The Debates
Started By: Highland Guy
602,06510/15/20 10:14am
Highland Guy
Big Brother 22 All Stars
Started By: SmoothLover
781,31610/15/20 4:41am
What TV Series are people watchng on Netflix?
Started By: mikeyp3
1454,43010/14/20 6:07pm
ABC's "The View"
Started By: ACL2006
38349,47410/13/20 6:32pm
Rick Moranis Attack
Started By: SmoothLover
1246210/12/20 11:41pm
What is so attractive about Trump? UPDATE
Started By: chicagodannyd
325010/12/20 2:09pm
The 2020 French Open
Started By: javero
1919710/12/20 2:05pm
On a scale of 1 to BRVTAL, how metal is Minecraft?
Started By: deathcoregirl97
02010/11/20 8:19pm
So many original cast members have returned this week
Started By: FindingNamo
17969,50410/8/20 1:53pm
Opinions on the Nutribullet?
Started By: adamgreer
107,36510/8/20 10:56am
Where does Biden stand on these key issues? Update
Started By: chicagodannyd
625510/8/20 9:59am
Albums that would make a great Broadway show?
Started By: hayleymills728
2249610/7/20 11:34pm
A Round of Applause for Lisa Howard!!!
Started By: Steve C.
112210/7/20 5:31pm
2020 Music
Started By: Miles2Go2
3754710/7/20 4:23pm
How do I Install Norton antivirus using
Started By: butlerkaci12
02610/7/20 6:56am
Cuties on Netflix
Started By: Islander_fan
631010/7/20 12:40am
Michelle Obama's Closing Argument
Started By: Highland Guy
414110/6/20 7:49pm
Here is a 74 yr. old American who lays out the election issues eloquently
Started By: chicagodannyd
1959610/2/20 1:01am
After We Collided
Started By: rosscoe(au)
04110/1/20 4:27am
Love Island Scandal
Started By: SmoothLover
154939/30/20 1:23am
Help with Finding Glee props!
Started By: dearevanhansnen
2819/28/20 11:43am
RuPaul’s Vegas Revue on VH1
Started By: SouthernCakes
359689/28/20 2:21am
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Died
Started By: Highland Guy
401,0309/25/20 11:55am
Highland Guy
Serious questions about Breonna Taylor case
Started By: Pauly3
203429/25/20 8:13am
What contemporary plays include a young male character, around the ages of 12-18?
Started By: fnovogratz
0209/23/20 12:56am
National Voter Registration Day
Started By: Highland Guy
0249/22/20 4:17pm
Highland Guy
Is Broadway World Tours the same as being
Started By: chetan3
52519/22/20 11:20am
Vinyl Cutter recommendations for a classroom?
Started By: Gabriel6
0319/21/20 9:37pm
Age on Social Media??
Started By: hearthemsing22
82159/21/20 5:09pm
Tyler Childers Covers Sondheim
Started By: theblackumbrella
11189/20/20 11:13pm
Started By: Jordan Catalano
2334,8019/19/20 11:29pm
Lovecraft Country
Started By: ClydeBarrow
41189/17/20 4:53pm
Free Rep Selecting Seminar to Help With Your Auditions!
Started By: Gaby Mank
069/17/20 10:01am
Gaby Mank
Canada’s Drag Race (With Spoilers)
Started By: Jordan Catalano
1133,5949/16/20 11:16am
How is direct marketing / selling perceived?
Started By: Jesfron
41269/16/20 4:42am
THE BOYS on Amazon Prime
Started By: DAME
72889/15/20 12:58pm
US Open Tennis
Started By: yankeefan7
384669/14/20 2:06pm
Mail-in voting fraud: Is there evidence?
Started By: chicagodannyd
165029/14/20 6:05am
Matthew Davies Stockton

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