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Diana going to Netflix  Aug 11 2020, 03:25:40 PM
How would that even work? It’s a large cast and NY laws wouldn’t even allow that kind of gathering on a stage, would they?

THEN SHE FELL will not re-open  Aug 10 2020, 12:05:43 PM
Almost half a year into this new hell we’re living in, I’m still shocked there haven’t been more announcements like this.

Possible SMASH season 3 ideas  Aug 10 2020, 01:05:35 AM
And also since it’s been so long between seasons, Karen will be played by Chita Rivera and Ivy will be played by Gary Busey, since they’re older now.

Possible SMASH season 3 ideas  Aug 10 2020, 12:50:59 AM
And Karen and Ivy are once again fighting for who gets to play the fiery Latina named Corona in Stephen Schwartz’s new musical “Covid!” that opens next month but doesn’t have a book!

Possible SMASH season 3 ideas  Aug 10 2020, 12:42:00 AM
And Deb Messing is a scarf.

Possible SMASH season 3 ideas  Aug 10 2020, 12:41:27 AM
And Karen is a werewolf.

Possible SMASH season 3 ideas  Aug 10 2020, 12:36:09 AM
And this season Ivy is a vampire.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Tonys  Aug 9 2020, 07:14:55 PM
The idea that a single show (and one that wasn’t even the best of the year) would have such pull over a ceremony happening is just silly.

If The Crucible Movie Was Made Today, Who Should Star In It?  Aug 9 2020, 06:29:06 PM
The idea of Matthew Rhys as John Proctor also excites me.

If The Crucible Movie Was Made Today, Who Should Star In It?  Aug 9 2020, 06:25:19 PM

I’d be interested to see Chloë Grace Moretz as Abigail.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Tonys  Aug 9 2020, 12:46:57 PM
I just have this image of the next Tony Awards in 2022 going to commercial and the voice over saying “and in a ceremony earlier tonight the 2020 Tony Awards for Best Musical and Costumes was awarded to Moulin Rouge”, followed by 10 seconds of a speech.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Tonys  Aug 8 2020, 08:29:54 AM
Having the Tony awards any of those three ways make zero sense until people can actually step foot into a theater again. The awards are a giant commercial for the theater industry and holding them while people can’t attend is pointless. Add to that, that voters didn’t get to see all the shows and its just not something that could or should happen anytime soon. I have a feeling that for the next couple years the awards will be on a completely different schedule until things balance out and are b

TONYA WAS ROBBED  Aug 6 2020, 06:01:25 PM
Cool story!!!

The Wild Party: Lippa vs. LaChiusa  Aug 6 2020, 12:11:06 AM
So many threads on this. And the answer is La Chiusa.

TONYA WAS ROBBED  Aug 5 2020, 07:29:19 PM
Sharon is remarkable though and deserves to be seen on broadway.

Broadway to return in Fall 2021?  Aug 5 2020, 06:42:12 PM
Oh, the industry leaders in this country should be f*cking ashamed of themselves when they look at what the UK has been able and willing to offer the world during this time.

TONYA WAS ROBBED  Aug 5 2020, 04:40:42 PM

TONYA WAS ROBBED  Aug 5 2020, 04:32:15 PM
Thats All.

Roles synonymous with an actor BUT didn’t win the Tony  Aug 5 2020, 02:02:44 PM
Tonya Pinkins - “Caroline, or Change”.

LES MISERABLES: THE 2019 STAGED CONCERT Released Digitally Today  Aug 4 2020, 05:50:50 PM
Jaden was really wonderful. He’s going to be doing that new musical “After You” that will stream as part of the “Tonight At The London Coliseum” series.

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