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Student Blogger: Bryce Romleski


Student Blog: Going, Going, Goosebumps
May 26, 2021

Besides sharing the stage to perform and entertain, my love for theatre is rooted in one of the most universal experiences-- even if it does not happen while seated in a Broadway theatre: goosebumps. I compiled a list of my all-time favorite moments from shows that leave me with chills, reminding me of why I love this craft so dearly.

Student Blog: My Manifesto to Acting
May 25, 2021

A few months ago, one of my professors challenged us to write about why we decided to enter the world of theatre-- why we do what we do-- why we love what we love. After months of learning, growing, and inspiration, I think that I finally have the answer and an anecdote that I think perfectly captures the very moment when I decided what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. This is that story. This is that moment.

Student Blog: Suddenly, Sophomores
May 17, 2021

It is beyond important to remember and acknowledge the progress you've made, the effort and work you've put in, and reflect on all of the things you can now do that you could not have a few months ago-- no matter how big or small of a success you think it might be. This past year has been hard, but you should be proud.

Student Blog: Preparing for Audition Season
April 15, 2021

Even though I am beyond excited to safely return to the stage, I am undoubtedly rusty and nervous about auditions and being prepared, so here is my list for you (also for me to remember!) of my process for preparing for auditions (let alone my first round of auditions for college shows!). I hope these help!

Student Blog: The Impact of Theatre
April 1, 2021

Especially within a military community, where families and people are often left isolated, theatre unites people together with the promise of finding a sense of self and belonging within performance. For children who miss a deployed parent, theatre is something that takes their mind off the absence.

Student Blog: Teen Beach Movie: The Next Broadway Musical
March 15, 2021

Read why the iconic 2013 Disney Channel Original Movie, Teen Beach Movie, should be the next musical the hit the Broadway stage.

BWW Blog: Musical Theatre Songs To-Cry For
February 17, 2021

So, if you’ve been feeling down and need that extra push--or song--to help you through your blues, here are some of my personal, favorite, go-to pieces of music that will immediately make you feel like you just said goodbye to your favorite show.

BWW Blog: Remaining Active in the Arts Through a Pandemic
February 3, 2021

Theatre is everywhere, and even though we are apart now, the love and passion of creating and making art is what brings us all together.