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BWW Blog: Musical Theatre Songs To-Cry For


Go-to (mostly) musical-theatre songs to get you in your feels.

BWW Blog: Musical Theatre Songs To-Cry For

This past year, there have, undoubtedly, been some tears-- scratch that. Lots of tears. However, shamelessly, I must admit, even before the start of the pandemic, there were also lots of tears. Life can be tough sometimes, y'know? Regardless, a few hours of feeling down would be incomplete without the help of some a few personal favorite sad musical-theatre songs (ok, not all of the songs are strictly musical theatre, so we'll include soundtracks in this genre). So, if you've been feeling down and need that extra push--or song--to help you through your blues, here are some of my personal, favorite, go-to pieces of music that will immediately make you feel like you just said goodbye to your favorite show.

#1) "She Used to Be Mine" - Waitress

Listen, I don't expect anybody to be surprised-- this song HAS to be number one. Whether you're listening to Jessie Mueller or Sara Bareilles, this song is, hands down, one of the most incredible, show-stopping ballads in musical theatre in the last few years. Although it may be difficult to relate directly to Jenna's circumstances, it isn't hard to relate to feelings of doubt and failure and those moments of feelings so lost that the only way back is through extreme self-reflection and submerging in and acknowledging all of those icky and sad feelings that are so easily repressed. This song is high up on my Apple Music Replay every single year, and I've just started to accept it.

#2) "Wouldn't Change a Thing" - Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Ok, I know, I know. This isn't a traditional musical-theatre song; however, this scene and this song are so dramatic that listening to it sometimes forces you to feel every single emotion without having to think about it. Plus, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato sound incredible and the key change hits pretty hard.

#3) "Meant to Be" - Teen Beach Movie

This song is very near and dear to my heart; in fact, this entire movie is very near and dear to my heart. Not only does it remind me of the care-free years of 2013, but there are many memories attached to this song and my best friend-- besides, there are a whole lot of possible meanings to the song. I interpret it as best-friend soulmates, but being "meant to be" with somebody else can also apply in a lot of different ways. And can we deny that "sweeter than a chocolate shake-- my meant to be" makes the heart melt just a little bit? (Honorable Mention: Meant to Be (Reprise 3) from Teen Beach 2 is heart-wrenching, but I had to give this spot to the OG.)

#4) "Parents Lie" - Freaky Friday

This song came on shuffle when I was at the gym the other day because I forgot to queue another song, and I forgot how sad and beautiful both the lyrics and melody are. Especially as you graduate high-school and enter college, this song sheds a lot of light onto the struggles of growing up-- parents aren't there to shield or "lie" to you about the real world. Plus the song is funny, so sometimes there is a slight chuckle with a tear rolling down my cheek.

#5) "Wondering" - High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

I will not lie-- this song was on repeat for weeks in January of 2020-- I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go to school, and this song unpacked a lot of feelings I couldn't quite put into words. Listening to the chorus build and the raw emotion in both the lyrics and voice was super therapeutic. Again, a lot of memories attached to this one, but it taught me valuable things about feelings of wonder and regret, which ultimately played a huge role in deciding where I was going to go to college :,)

Honorable Mentions: "Legally Blonde" - Legally Blonde; "For Good" - Wicked; "More is Better" - Mean Girls; "Somewhere That's Green" - Little Shop of Horrors

I hope that you aren't in need of any saddening musical-theatre songs anytime soon, but if you are, I hope that some of these suggestions helped; although, I know a lot of them are a little more contemporary and not even traditional musical theatre. Regardless, thanks for reading, and I wish you good health and good listening :)


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