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Student Blog: Preparing for Audition Season

My Top Tips for Preparing for Auditions

Student Blog: Preparing for Audition Season

With the University of Utah's Department of Theatre's Season for 2021-2022 just announced, I've had to do something that I have not done in months: prepare for auditions. Sure, I've worked on some student projects and such, but the current plans for next season involve in-person productions-- something that I have very much forgotten the feeling of. Even though I am beyond excited to safely return to the stage, I am undoubtedly rusty and nervous about auditions and being prepared, so here is my list for you (also for me to remember!) of my process for preparing for auditions (let alone my first round of auditions for college shows!). I hope these help!

  1. Do research! I know that is probably universal knowledge, but I do think that it is among the most important, so I am going to include it in this list! Whether it's an audition for a play or a musical, finding the material (provided by the audition committee or not) and reading throughout the entirety of the text is among the most important things to prepare for the auditions. Fully understanding the context of the scenes and the dynamic between the characters will greatly improve your performance and interpretation of the text

  2. Study the text as soon as you can! As soon as those audition notices are posted and the material is released, memorize those monologues! I think that there is a general, almost-universal fear of over-rehearsing and spending too much time with a text, but in my opinion and experience, it only becomes stale or dry when the interpretation and different choices start to lack-- I don't mean spend every second of every day rehearsing the thing in full (do that enough to where you can get through it without forgetting a line, of course!), but I find that just practicing certain lines and changing the cadence or delivery helps me give a more-authentic performance. Knowing a monologue inside and out and having different interpretations and ways of delivery for each line will give you so many more options when auditioning and when the director might ask you to try it in a different style.

  3. Memorize what they DON'T give you at auditions. This one is most effective when you know that there will be cold reading at auditions, and if you know that cold reads may be the weakest part of the audition, I recommend searching on the internet from monologues for the character from the show you're auditioning for-- I find that other theatre companies usually post the sides for the scenes that are most often used for cold reads-- even if you aren't cast in the show, I think it's a great way of showing the production team how prepared and dedicated that you are.

  4. Find ways to make it enjoyable! Auditioning can be a stressful and tedious process, and sometimes it's easy to forget the joy of it all when you're buried in monologues to memorize and self-tapes to film, but putting in the work so you aren't stressed when it's time to audition in front of the camera, on Zoom, or live in a room makes it that less scary, that less stressful, and allows you to show the production and casting team that much more YOU! One of the most beneficial tools is being prepared, allowing you to have fun with the changes they might ask you to make, other material they might ask you to read, and allows you to focus on your most authentic and true performance rather than forgetting a line or two (nerves are inevitable and important, too! But find that different between excitement-nerves and unprepared-nerves).

Those are my top four most important things that I do in preparation for an audition, but these are just mine! What I do might not work for you, and that's what makes performance that much cooler. If you have any audition coming up, I hope all of you break legs!

See you again soon,


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