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Broadwaysted Broadwaysted: Where we’re drunk on Broadway! Literally. This isn’t your typical theatre podcast. Come “take a glass together” with us every Tuesday!

Join our cocktail hour as we pour a few rounds, play some games, and chat all things theatre with your favorite members of the Broadway community. From current hits, to past flops, and future stars, Broadwaysted drinks to it all. It’s a place to unwind, be yourself, and hang out among friends who love what you love. Feel like you’re at the table with your host Bryan Plofsky, co-host Kevin Jaeger, game master Kimberly Cooper, and amazing guests! Let’s all get Broadwaysted!

Twitter: @Broadwaysted
Instagram: @Broadwaysted
Bryan’s Twitter: @nuttyplofessor
Kevin’s Twitter: @JaegerKev
Kimberly’s Twitter: @KimberCoops



The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY's Legendary Luba Mason
March 1, 2020

This week, the Broadwaysted Crew is thrilled to sit down and share some laughs with the legendary Luba Mason, one of the stars of the new Broadway musical Girl From The North Country.  

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes BROOKLYN, WICKED, FALSETTOS, LEMPICKA Star Eden Espinosa
February 4, 2020

This week's episode has 'never felt more right' because we're thrilled to be sharing drinks and laughs with the brilliantly talented Eden Espinosa! We're pouring out Hudson Whiskey (love that Maple Cask Rye!) and Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila (so good!) as Eden spills about her years 'Defying Gravity' in Wicked, her experience recording the final performance of RENT on Broadway, and the powerful audience response to the Falsettos national tour.

The Broadwaysted Podcast Visits Friends at BroadwayCon 2020
January 28, 2020

The Broadwaysted Crew had a blast seeing so many friends and fans this past weekend at BroadwayCon 2020, so we're bringing you back to the 'Room Where it Happens' every January for many of Broadway's biggest fans around the country and around the globe!

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes NEWSIES, BEAUTIFUL, THE FLAMINGO KID Star Ben Fankhauser
January 10, 2020

This week, the Broadwaysted Crew is inviting you back in time to join the audience of 'Broadwaysted Live!' at the special evening brought to you by TodayTix Presents and the Broadway Podcast Network on November 14th, 2019!

Broadwaysted Podcast Presents Three-Part Christmas Musical Series BROADWAYSTED, ACTUALLY Starring James Monroe Iglehart, Alexandra Silber, Tee Boyich, Aaron J. AlbanoMore
December 18, 2019

Broadwaysted, the happiest happy hour on Broadway proudly featured on the Broadway Podcast Network, is thrilled to be presenting their newest Holiday Radio Musical, Broadwaysted, Actually. The original, three-part holiday musical event is airing on Broadwaysted throughout December as a drive to support the non-profit Broadway Bound Kids, a transformative and inclusive community that inspires and empowers young lives through the performing arts.

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes THE LIGHTNING THIEF Composer/Lyricist Rob Rokicki
November 15, 2019

This week, the Broadwaysted Crew is having a blast sharing laughs and stories with Rob Rokicki, composer and lyricist of The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical! We're pouring out Milagro Tequila and Hudson Whiskey while Rob spills about the epic journey from page to stage for Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, going from bartender to composer/lyricist in a Broadway theatre, and things that you should definitely not put in the microwave.

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes Iconic Broadway Soprano Melissa Errico
November 8, 2019

This week, the Broadwaysted Crew is thrilled to be sitting down and chatting with the incredible Melissa Errico! We're pouring out Milagro Tequila as Melissa spills about the production of My Fair Lady she starred in, her amazing experiences performing internationally, and her early beginnings professionally as the first major replacement in a little show called Les Miserables.

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes Broadway, West End Legend Frances Ruffelle
October 15, 2019

This week, the Broadwaysted crew is absolutely thrilled to be sitting down with the incredible star of Broadway and the West End, Frances Ruffelle! We're pouring out Milagro Tequila (and super embarrassed that we somehow misplaced our corkscrew) as Frances spills about the experience of creating the iconic role of Eponine (and winning the Tony Award!!!), starring in the original West End production of Starlight Express, and her amazing performance piece 'Frances Ruffelle Lives in New York' celebrating its final New York performance at The Green Room 42 on Sunday, October 20th!

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes Broadway Star, Singer-Songwriter Michael Longoria
October 11, 2019

This week the Broadwaysted crew is thrilled to be chatting and laughing with singer-songwriter and former Jersey Boys on Broadway star, Michael Longoria! This week we're pouring out Milagro Tequila and picturing the 'Movies in our Minds' as Michael spills about his newest album, 'Like They Do in the Movies' released by Broadway Records (oh HEY Robbie Rozelle!) Michael shares about his experience joining the Broadway smash hit Hairspray for his Broadway debut, the wild ride of Jersey Boys on Broadway, and the inspiration behind selecting each of the fantastic movie songs on his amazing new album.

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes Dancer, JOSEPH... Choreographer JoAnn M. Hunter
September 25, 2019

This week, the Broadwaysted Crew are all feeling like Jacob's Favorite Sons because we're sharing cocktails and laughs with the choreographer of the West End's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, JoAnn M Hunter!

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes BAT OUT OF HELL Choreographer Xena Gusthart
August 21, 2019

This week, the Broadwaysted Crew is pulling out our best dance moves because we're sitting down and having a few drinks and a lot of laughs with choreographer and dancer Xena Gusthart!

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes ON YOUR FEET Star Mauricio Martinez
August 16, 2019

If you could see us while listening to this week's episode, you'd say 'I See Your Smile' because we're chatting with the 'On Your Feet!' star and all-around lovely person Mauricio Martinez!

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes Broadway, AMERICAN IDOL Star Justin Guarini
August 8, 2019

This week, the Broadwaysted Crew is thrilled to be sitting down with actor, singer, and 'American Idol: Season 1' alum Justin Guarini! We're pouring out Tanteo Tequila as Justin spills about the Warrior Artist Alliance, his podcast 'Audition Secrets,' and his crazy journey to stardom through the first season of American Idol.

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes ROCK OF AGES Star P.J. Griffith
July 31, 2019

The Broadwaysted Crew is feeling like 'City Boys' and 'Small Town Girls' this week as we rock out with Rock of Ages star P.J. Griffith! This week we're pouring out Bar Hill Gin, Tanteo Tequila, and Van Brunt Stillhouse Whiskey as P.J. spills about the return of Rock of Ages to NYC, the 80's metal inspirations that helped him create his rock god character, and his involvement in the musical Get Jack: A Killer Musical.

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes Robbie Rozelle to Talk about 54 Below Series
July 26, 2019

This week, the Broadwaysted Crew (minus an under-the-weather Kevin) are sitting down and saying 'Hey, Old Friend' to Broadwaysted Bae Robbie Rozelle! We're pouring out Bar Hill Gin and Tanteo Habanero Tequila while Robbie spills about his new show, Tuesdays at 54...with Robbie Rozelle!

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Celebrates Pride with Esteban Castillo, Junior Mendez
June 28, 2019

This week the Broadwaysted Crew is celebrating PRIDE month with queer performer Esteban Castillo and queer artistperformer Junior Mendez! We're pouring out Milagro tequila, Bar Hill gin, and making 'Old Hattans' with Van Brunt Stillhouse Whiskey as we spill about great LGBTQ representation in musical theatre, chat about the reaction to Taylor Swift's new song, and dive into the unique history of Pride month.

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Talks with The Ensemblist's Mo Broadway
June 21, 2019

This week we have a blast chatting and laughing with our podcast buddy from The Ensemblist Mo Brady! We're pouring out Manhattans with Van Brunt Stillhouse Whiskey as Mo spills about his journey from actor to activist with Broadway Cares, his love of (and encyclopedia-like knowledge of) Broadway ensemble members, and the creation and evolution of The Ensemblist.

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Talks Broadway Bares with WICKED's Ryan Jackson
June 5, 2019

This week the Broadwaysted Crew is letting it ALL hang out with Wicked company member and 'Broadway Bares' performer Ryan Jackson! We're pouring out Milagro Tequila and Van Brunt Stillhouse Whiskey as Ryan spills about facing his fear of heights in Wicked, the excitement (and hunger) of Bares season and what to expect from 'Broadway Bares: Take Off,' and landing a makeup gig at The Lion King on Broadway.

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes Tony-Winning Choreographer Warren Carlyle
May 31, 2019

The Broadwaysted Crew is 'Brushin' Up Our Shakespeare' on the newest episode with this week's guest, Tony-nominated Choreographer of Kiss Me, Kate (and former Tony winner!) Warren Carlyle!

The 'Broadwaysted' Podcast Welcomes SMASH Star Jaime Cepero Ahead of his New Show at The Green Room 42
May 23, 2019

This week the Broadwaysted crew is thrilled to be getting 'smashed' with Jaime Cepero, one of the stars of NBC's beloved musical theatre drama 'Smash!' We're pouring out Van Brunt Stillhouse Whiskey into our show cups as Jaime spills about playing a 'villain' on TV, touring with the 75th Anniversary production of Porgy & Bess, and his upcoming show on Saturday, May 25th at 9:30pm at Green Room 42! (for tickets, visit

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