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BWW Interview: Maite Uzal as Golde in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF on Tour

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BWW Interview: Maite Uzal as Golde in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF on Tour

There have been many great Broadway shows that have graced the stage of Bass Concert Hall that have entertained. However, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF is one that will be talked about for a long time. With all of the amazing songs like "If I Were a Rich Man," "Tradition," "Matchmaker," and "Sunrise Sunset," one won't be able to walk away without a song on their lips and a cherished memory to share. With all of the travelling the actors do with the show, BWW was able to catch up with one of the talented actors on the road. Maite Uzal plays the part of Golde, Tevye's wife. She was born and raised in Spain, but is happy to be in the United States touring with FIDDLER ON THE ROOF.

Tell us a little more about how you got interested in performing.

Since I was very, very young, I don't even have a specific memory of it since I was a toddler. I had a great interest in music and singing. In fact, we were on a cruise here in the U.S. with my parents - I'm from Spain - I could barely walk. I was crawling and they had this passenger talent night. Jerry Lewis was on the cruise. My mom left a door open, they were getting ready for dinner, and she couldn't find me. They started looking for me and they found me at the theater of the ship in my diapers. I had gone out to Jerry Lewis who was presenting the event. I apparently tugged his pants and he held me, and I took the microphone from him. I started babbling. All the passengers were amazed. In the end, they gave me the award for talent night. I've always had great exposure to theater. When I was little, with my dad, I used to go a lot. Then on the weekend, we would do shows at home. I remember that we actually did FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. We would do "Rich Man" with a recording. That's a little bit how it started.

I also noticed that one of your degrees is in Law and International Affairs.

I guess it could always be a back-up plan. I hope it never needs to be. That's just because at the beginning, my parents were not very enthused about me being an actor and a little bit like in FIDDLER, they wanted me to study law. I used to be very obedient until I was working at a law firm when I was 27 and I said, "Enough." I always wanted to be an actress, and this is what I'm going to do. I don't want to regret not having pursued this. I'd rather have a vocation and a passion which I think is a great gift but a great responsibility. You have to pursue it because not everybody has that. Not everybody has a passion for a job so that's it. I was a lawyer before. Before actually following my vocation.

Now, you're in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF as Golde. Tell us a little more about how you got that role.

I sent my resume and materials by a website that has casting calls. Then I got an email asking to send a taped audition with "Do You Love Me?". Then I got another email giving me notes regarding my first audition and I needed to implement those notes and to send the tape back. Then, I got a third email asking me to come in for a final audition with the entirety of the creative team in New York City. Then, after that, I got the call. We set out on the road in mid-October and we are doing this until August.

What has it been like travelling all over the United States?

It's been a wonderful experience. I've seen places that I would probably never visit especially being foreign because you try to hit the major, major cities when you come from Spain to the states. You would go to New York, Chicago, Washington [DC], Los Angeles. Certainly not Appleton, Wisconsin and probably not Memphis and it's amazing.

What advice do you have for anyone who is thinking about getting into musical theater?

The greatest piece of advice that I have for anyone getting into the arts is that they persist no matter what. My voice teacher gave this quote to me, it's a Chekhov quote that he told to his wife who was an actress. It's kept me going ever since.

"Art, especially the stage, is an area where it is impossible to walk without stumbling. There are in store for you many unsuccessful days and whole unsuccessful seasons: there will be great misunderstandings and deep disappointments... you must be prepared for all this, expect it and nevertheless, stubbornly, fanatically follow your own way."

Some people are lucky enough to never get rejected or hit the jackpot from the beginning, the jackpot meaning a job. You get rejected many, many, many, many times and has nothing to do with your real abilities and talents. A lot of people don't realize that. I think that 90% of people who I graduated with are not doing this job and that was like five years ago.

Don't you dare fiddle around in making a choice to see FIDDLER ON THE ROOF when it comes to Bass Concert Hall from April 2-7, 2019. Check out the Texas Performing Arts Website.


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