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VIDEO: Are You Addicted To Tony Award Performance Videos? You're Not Alone

Back in the day, theatre fans would make sure they were home, or by a friend's television set, on Tony Award night, because once the telecast was over, that was it until next year.

Then came videocassette recorders and the capability to record a show to later watch many times, skipping ahead to your favorite parts if you like. Usually, the tape would become faded and unwatchable before any serious emotional problems developed.

But now, with the Internet providing easy access to high quality videos of classic Tony Award performances, fans can watch Jennifer Holliday telling Ben Harney that she isn't going or Brent Barrett and Michael Jeter taking a glass together an unhealthy number of times.

New York based actor John Wascavage, has been building a solid resume for himself. He even has a nice summer gig at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. But as you can see in the video below, John is having trouble functioning as a normal human being because he is addicted to watching performance videos from the 2016 Tony Awards.

If you can help, please contact him at johnwascavage.com.

If you too feel uncontrollable urges to endlessly watch videos of Tony Award performances, then you should probably avoid visiting TonyAwards.com for complete information on 70 years worth of Tony Award fun.

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