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UK Government Releases a Guide For Performing Arts Professionals to Work Safely During the Health Crisis

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The UK government has added a performing arts section to its document on working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19).

The new manual provides guidance for people who work in performing arts, including arts organizations, venue operators and participants.

The guide says that "everyone should work or participate from home, unless they cannot do so from home" and that the main objective is to "protect clinically vulnerable and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals."

Guidelines are laid out for social distancing within performing arts institutions including meetings, common areas, changing rooms and showers, and more.

Theatre should focus on reducing the number of people each person has contact with by considering the use of 'fixed teams, groups or partnering' (so each person works with only a few others). For example, where social distancing may be impractical due to the degree of proximity required (such as intimate/fighting scenes in theatre, dancing, costume fitting, hair and make-up), fixed teams could be operated.

There are also guidelines set for the selling of concessions, managing audiences and capacity, ticketing, restrooms, and seating arrangements, as well as the consistent cleaning of objects and common areas.

Read the full document at

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