The Brothers Paranormal at Theatre Row

The Brothers Paranormal at Theatre Row

The Brothers Paranormal debuted on Theatre Row at the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre in New York City. Part ghost story, part family drama, this new play by Prince Gomolvilas mixes scary tactics with heartfelt emotions.

Two Thai brothers, Max (Vin Kridakorn) and Visarut (Roy Vongtama), are self-proclaimed paranormal investigators and called to the apartment of the African-American woman Delia (Dawn L. Troupe) who says her home is haunted by a Thai woman. As the brothers investigate the home, they learn from the woman's husband Felix (Brian D Coats) that there is a good chance things might not be as they seem, with mental illness plaguing his wife's family. Is what Delia is seeing real or only made up in her mind? The brothers are determined to find out.

During this quest, the family life of the brothers also starts unraveling, as the audience learns there is more to them than what appears with the ghosts from their past still haunting their present.

Weaving the spiritual world with mental well-being, The Brothers Paranormal will have you guessing what is real and what isn't until the very end. It makes for an entertaining ride but one that will also resonate with anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one.

The Brothers Paranormal is running at the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre from now until May 19th.

Photo courtesy of Pan Asian Repertory Theatre

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