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The Boys from UGLY BETTY Talk to Us! Michael Urie and Mark Indelicato Answer a Few Questions...

Well, as all of us had expected at, everyone at UGLY BETTY loves musicals and everyone who loves musicals, happens to love UGLY BETTY... A match made in heaven! We'd been trying for months to make contact with well-known thesp Michael Urie and breakout talent, Mark Indelicato. We heard from them this week, as they get ready to roll the cameras onto their Second Season (premiering on Thursday, September 27th) of the ABC surprise Emmy-nominated hit and multiple award-winner.

Michael Urie 

Michael, being theatre-trained at Juilliard, when you heard that Patti LuPone had been chosen to play your mother, what was your initial reaction?

When they told me Marc's mom was going to come to town, I was thrilled for obvious reasons....not the least of which was how much I've always loved (in my nerdy way) "TV-parent-casting."  Carol Burnett as Helen Hunt's mom on Mad About You, Kathleen Turner as Matthew Perry's - er - Dad on Friends, Elaine Stritch as Alec Baldwin's mom on 30 Rock, John Ritter as Zach Braff's dad on Scrubs...Always fun! 

So, then to find out that Patti LuPone was going to play Mama Weiner...... forget about it! As long as I've loved the theatre, I've loved LuPone, and sharing an alma mater (The Juilliard School) felt like I was on the right track as an actor. 

The real treat wasn't finding out though, it was WORKING with her.  You want your divas to live up to the name, and I was lucky with Vanessa Williams. Who'd have thought lightning would strike twice? 

Patti was so gracious, funny, excited, lovely and brilliant for those several days. And we (the cast, crew, everyone) were enamored with her.  By the end of her last day, we were all huddled around my computer watching performances of hers on YouTube...getting the inside scoop.  And then America (Ferrera), Becki (Newton), Rebecca (Romijin) and I all made a special trip out to see our divas:  Patti LuPone in Gypsy, then Vanessa Williams in concert in Newark.

Because everyone loves your character and because Marc tried so hard to come out to his mom, people suspect that her reaction was so severe that she'll have to be back to resolve these issues. Can you tell us if there's any truth to our logic?

Well, she just has to!  I'm told she will.......if she's not too busy winning an Olivier! (Ed note: Patti won an Olivier Award already for originating the role of Fantine in the Royal Shakespeare Company / Cameron Mackintosh production of Les Miserables, directed by Trevor Nunn and John Caird...AND she was the first American actress to win the award...but Michael might have been alluding to the rumors that LuPone's GYPSY might find its way to the West End, directed by Arthur Laurents).

Can you tell us what it's like to work with Vanessa Williams. 

She's "class" personified.  Good natured, giving, compassionate.  If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have the gig I have.  I could've  very easily gone the way of a glorified extra, but because she took a liking to me, and added a few barking "Marc's!" they couldn't cut around me!  She's a great lady and the best person to have around when you're thrown into a "red carpet" situation! 

Because we'll hopefully be able to sit down and interview you personally for BWW TV, we want to ask one last question: Do you get to keep any of Marc's wardrobe?

Whether or not I "get" to keep Marc's wardrobe has nothing to do with whether or not there are a few pieces in my closet at home.................

Who will ever forget a television season littered with moments where the character of Justin breaks out into song or dance from ON THE TOWN to his devastatingly brilliant re-enactment of the musical HAIRSPRAY, which he knows top to bottom from the Original Cast Recording and acts it out to the delight of viewers everywhere in a scene on a crowded Manhattan subway. As always, the writing for this show is so sensitive, that a hilarious moment like that is followed by some tremendous humanity expressed by the character of his dad, with whom he had a tricky relationship at best.

Mark Indelicato
Mark, everyone wants to know, if you really love musicals in real life?

Yes, I've loved musicals ever since I saw The Lion King on Broadway.

Do you have a dream role that you've always had your eye on to play on a stage (play or musical)?

Link Larkin from HAIRSPRAY because I know I could sing and dance just as good as he did.

How has your life changed the most dramatically since you've appeared on the show?

Getting recognized on the street and the fans calling me by my "REAL" name and not my character name.

We'll be following ABC's UGLY BETTY all season, and looking forward to the musical episode which you read about here first, as the show has reached out to secure the talents of Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman (HAIRSPRAY, upcoming CATCH ME IF YOU CAN) and director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell (LEGALLY BLONDE, HAIRSPRAY, BROADWAY BARES). We also look forward to bringing you live interviews on TV and hope to snag the rest of the cast and well as Patti and Vanessa. See you at "MODE Magazine!"

Note to Salma (Hayek): If you're reading this (and we know you are)...Best Wishes for a healthy baby from all of us at

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