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Student Blog: What 'In the Heights' Means to Me


A year later, the movie adaptation of "In the Heights" is out in the world and the wait was worth every minute.

Student Blog: What 'In the Heights' Means to Me

A few years ago, I listened to the In the Heights soundtrack, because I was obsessed with Hamilton, so I decided to learn more about Lin-Manuel Miranda and that's how I found this musical, I knew this was completely different but even with no expectations, I remember every emotion the opening number made me feel and seeing what I've been imagining for years, on the big screen, for the first time on my first day of summer, was everything.

As a latina, it's true that I grew up with no representation, at least on what I loved the most: cinema and theatre; but as I started understanding more about this issue, finding a musical that really showed what the world wasn't for years, was surprising. In the Heights really shows the reality about latinx community, not just in New York but in the world. So for me the story taught me 3 things that I'll never forget: that we all have a story to tell, that dreams come true if we are willing to take risks and that no matter what, home is where the heart is; also it showed me once again how much theatre and art in general could impact someone's life.

The soundtrack itself, made me feel like I was listening to the the independence day party at my high school with "Carnaval del barrio"; to me and my friends talking about our dreams with "96,000"; to myself daydreaming about my future with "It won't be long now" and to my thoughts when I feel down with "Breathe", it was not just another musical, and watching everything on screen made every feeling grow ten times, with the choreography , the characters, the costume design, every detail that they took care of was part of the whole storytelling, it was a whole experience and for sure it's now one of my favorite movies ever.

John M. Chu's vision, with Quiara's words and Lin's songs together, made me feel where the streets are made of music. The way Melissa, Anthony, Leslie, Corey and all the cast brought to life these characters again, was a huge responsibility and they nailed it in the most beautiful way, I'm sure now they'll be inspiring new generations of latinix kids, artists, writers and musicians to tell new stories.

Filled with great music and wonderful songs, this simple story became one of my favorite musicals and now movies because I resonate with many lyrics, messages and even situations that the story shows. In the Heights means a lot to me because for a long time I was not sure of what I wanted and it made me believe in my craziest dreams again, those dreams about being on the top of the world, being part of the team behind the screen or the stage, where magic happens, writing, creating and learning, to show the world we're not invisible; now I'm working and doing what I can to live my sueñito one day ¡Paciencia y fe!

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