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Student Blog: What I Loved About ¡Schmigadoon!


It’s a show for musical lovers, but it’s also a beautiful story about change.

Student Blog: What I Loved About ¡Schmigadoon!

A couple of weeks ago, the new musical show by Apple TV came to an end, and let me tell you: it's a show that you should watch if you're a fan of musicals or if you just want to have a good time.

Melissa Gimble and Josh Skinner, played by Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key, are a couple of doctors that took a trip to the woods so they can connect again as lovers because they're having some issues in their relationship. Everything changes when they get stuck in this magical town called "Schmigadoon" that is not just a little town for travelers, it's actually a musical. That's how this story begins. The plot itself it's ironic because there's another problem in this whole situation: Josh hates musicals (who would've thought?).

The show could've been a disaster if they didn't do two things right: choose the right people and decide that the only point of the story would be to make you laugh, and thank god they made good choices. Since the first time I watched the trailer, I was so excited about the cast, I mean we got Kristin Chenoweth, Dove Cameron, Aaron Tveit, Jane Krakowski, Ariana DeBose, Jaime Camil, Ann Harada and more together! And even though I love everyone, my favorite characters were Melissa (Cecily) and Emma (Ariana).

Cecily Strong did a great job as one of the main characters having a real development. At the end, she realized she also made mistakes. She then decides to fix them and she became a better version of herself that is willing to do better.

On the other hand, although Emma (Ariana DeBose) was only in a few episodes, she still brought joy with her personality, was ahead of her time and at the end she decided to stay in Schmigadoon even though she was feeling like she didn't fit in. Also I'd like to make an honorable mention to Danny Bailey, played by Aaron Tveit. His musical numbers were amazing, this man is so talented-- he was just in two episodes but he already has my heart.

It's obviously a comedy since the beginning, but in every episode there's something that makes you reflect and takes you to a deeper place. I think that's so smart because in comedies to talk about topics like self-love, acceptance, difficult relationships, etc. For example, when Melissa is talking to the mayor about what just happened with Josh and he starts singing that it maybe hurts but if he's not the one, somewhere true love is waiting for her, and before she find that true love things won't be easy but at least be worth it.

I really enjoyed these six episodes because they were full with references from The Sound of Music, The Music Man, West Side Story, Oklahoma!, and more. It's a show for musical lovers because you'll love to see familiar faces, singing, dancing and playing these lovely characters. Plus, it's also a beautiful story that teaches us that changes are good. If you wanna watch something different and funny, you should definitely watch Schmigadoon! and tell me what you think!

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