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Student Blog: Back-to-School Uncertainty

​​​​​​​I’ll be honest; I had hoped this coming school year would look different from the last, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.  

Student Blog: Back-to-School Uncertainty

I'll be honest; I had hoped this coming school year would look different from the last, but it doesn't seem like that's the case.

As universities send out their Fall 21' COVID plans and requirements, students across the country prepare for the new ultra-hybridized way of learning. As for me, this semester won't be unlike the previous year - masks worn indoors on-campus and in classrooms, and minimal in-person contact. With as familiar as I am with this mode of education, you'd think I'd be less disappointed.

I don't think I'm alone when I say that I thought the pandemic would be closer-to-over than it is. But with the new variant, nothing is as it could've been. When faced with a situation like this, where I have no control over the future, I control what I can. That's right - I'm talkin' organization. Not just stuff, thoughts. If we can take charge of our daily routine, nothing can sway us from our objectives.

Time for some thought-organization. A big hurdle we face in this time is in finding motivation. As theatre artists, we can't afford to lose inspiration for too long. Our art is contingent on our ability to craft, and if we lack the motivation to do just that, where do we stand? When I lack motivation, I look to those Broadway performers who've always inspired me, and remind myself why I try every day. Even a YouTube video of them making their magic does the trick. Take yourself back to when you fell in love with your passion, and fall in love all over again.

But the thought-organization isn't over. Once you're reminded of your dream, think about the steps you need to take to get there someday - and I don't mean "move to New York" and "be a star". What can you do today to inch you closer to your goal? It can be as basic as "eat breakfast" or "go for a run". What helps you to be your best and most successful self? Goals take time, so breaking them down into reasonable, doable actions is sometimes the best way to go. If it helps you to write it down, write it down. If journaling and notetaking and color-coding hurt you more than help you, don't do them. If you're type-A like me, journal till' the cows come home and make that schedule pristine.

We're not alone in our uncertainty of the future - whether it's the new school year in a couple weeks or the theatre world in a couple years. There's no answer for what's to come, and no right answer for how to deal with it all. So, I say we just focus on one day at a time, and making ourselves the best people and artists we can be. That's all in our control. (Happy Fall Semester!)

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