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Student Blog: A Letter to Myself

Uni is really getting me down right now

Student Blog: A Letter to Myself

Dear Caiti,

You are currently in your second year of university. You are struggling. First term hurt you and yet you worked so hard but don't know how you're doing. You feel as though you've given it your all but you don't know anything. You haven't gotten feedback for anything, isn't that fun. Working endlessly for six weeks only to come out with not the slightest clue of how you are doing.

Let's be honest, from the past few sound tech practicals, it's not going well, is it. You basically know nothing, but it's fine because you did everything online last year, you have time.

Linguistics, one of your majors. That's... well, the re-doable quizzes help don't they. But who actually understands the work you've done so far, not you. It's okay next term, new modules but you still have assessments for these modules. I refuse to do them until I receive feedback on my work points.

Journalism, your other major. Love it, not going to lie, so much work but at least I know what is going on, you're submitting on time. You're thriving in this course. Can't wait for the semester to be over though because podcasting, not my thing. But I am at least enjoying myself right now, in this course.

isiXhosa for Journalism, a mess. This course is a mess. Two parts: sociolinguistics and isiXhosa. But have we learnt anything other than linguistic prejudice, nope. I will be so happy once the year is over and I have achieved at least a 50% because then goodbye isiXhosa. In second year of Journalism, you have to take this course in order to proceed to the next level of JMS. Fun.

You did eight years of isiXhosa, Caitlin. You can do a year. You love languages, shouldn't be too hard, let's see how that sociolinguistic essay goes.

Think about sound technology, after this year you will be a qualified mixing and recording engineer and then you will never have to walk all the way to the Beethoven building again.

Next year you can specialize in JMS, how exciting and you can choose your modules for linguistics, that is so exciting.

Once you've completed that you will be free of Rhodes University and can move back home. You can breathe. Well, you'll need to at least do your postgrad but you can do that at one of the universities at home.

Look at how well you did last year.

Three out of four distinctions. Drama was so close to a distinction and you're not doing it anymore.

You've got this. At some point you will believe that. You're almost there.

Crying is okay!

All the best, bean


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