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CATS Movie
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VIDEO: Seth Rogen Shares His Thoughts on CATS: 'It's Appalling, It Makes No Sense, It's Crazy'

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Seth Rogen made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live's at-home edition, where he talked about his live-tweet of Cats, and his thoughts on the movie.

"I've never seen Cats, the Broadway musical, I knew nothing about Cats," Rogen said. "I was shocked. It's appalling, it makes no sense, it's crazy."

Rogen says that, while the film "might be" just poorly made, he also thinks that it is "based on nonsense."

"It long supports the theory I have that if something is live, you have a much lower tolerance for how good or bad it is," he said. "Cats is the perfect example. That survived on Broadway for like 40 years. It sucks! As soon as you commit it to film, you see how it makes no sense."

Watch the full interview below!

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