STAGE TUBE: Watch Episodes of WHILE WAITING FOR GODOT Webseries!

Samuel Beckett's classic, Waiting for Godot, has found a new life online. While Waiting For Godot written by Samuel Beckett translated and adapted by Rudi Azank is an award-winning webseries (2014 Rome Web Awards - Best Cinematography, selection of 2014 Miami Web Fest) starring: Ron Shelly, Rudi Azank, J Moliere, Molly Densmore, and Stephen Kaiser-Pendergrast. Watch episode one below and click here to check out all of Season 1 and 2!

Creator Azank writes: "Our script is an adaptation based on my translation of Beckett's French manuscript 'En Attendant Godot', a translation I embarked on to restore the language of Beckett's more risque original French script, which the English publishers have never approved of and have always censored. At the same time, we've attempted to highlight the Vaudevillian and Jewish aspects of the two lead characters, more present in the original manuscript, and use more of the gutter-talk Beckett intended for his homeless protagonists, as the web allows us to be completely uncensored.

And so, as the director setting the story in the streets of NYC, I looked to the Italian filmmakers of the 1940s-60s, in the Italian Neo-Realist period following WWII and the Depression, who filmed classics with minimum budgets entirely on location, in rubble of Rome's streets, and found the inspiration for our small production methods and b&w cinematography. I began to see in the text many examples of what I would call Jewish wit and sarcasm present in the banter of Beckett's characters, and with Ron Shelly, my costar and an Israeli cinematographer, we embraced that 'schtick' in our performances, to heighten the humor and comedic tradition of Beckett's text (Beckett himself admittedly inspired by Chaplin, Keaton and Laurel & Hardy for his two tramps)."

STAGE TUBE: Watch Episodes of WHILE WAITING FOR GODOT Webseries!
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