STAGE TUBE: Producers Wang Hongming and Robert Vicencio Talk Creating IP MAN THE MUSICAL

Ip Man The Musical, the world's first Chinese concept-based musical with martial art elements, is strategically designed to target both the overseas and China Mainland markets, aiming to perfect the combination of artistic and commercial elements into one theatrical production created for a global release. In the video below, two of the show's producers, Wang Hongming and Robert Vicencio, talk about why they decided to create Ip Man The Musical!

Sydney Australian born Robert Vicencio, together with WANG Hongming (Mainland Chinese), the two producers of the musical, started their journey together almost 4 years ago in Shanghai after realizing a void of Chinese content in the musical world. Robert, who has lived in Shanghai for 8 years, and who was originally onstage in the smash hit musical Miss Saigon at London's West End and around the world, holds strongly his enthusiasm for Chinese culture and passion of musicals and now combined with martial arts.

The announcement of Grandmaster Ip Ching joining the Ip Man musical's creative production team brings a great significance to the musical's production team as a whole, injecting a pure perspective of the Wing Chun martial arts philosophy straight from the son of the 'The Father of Wing Chun' into the musical's development.

Ms. Wang, the foremost expert of Musical Theatre in China and the leading expert on strategic sponsorship and now producing Ip Man the Musical, states: "Ip Man The Musical is still in preparation and we hope to present it to the audience as soon as possible. It's my honor to officially invite Raymond Wong and Edmond Wong to join our big creative family. I believe that the efforts of our team is bound to give an unforgettable experience to the audience who like both musicals and martial arts globally."

As one of the first contributors who participated in introducing original musicals into China, Ms Wang believes the development of Chinese concept musicals is very promising.

In addition, Grandmaster Ip Ching continues to advise on Ip Man 3D, the 3rd installment of the successful movie series produced by veteran Hong Kong movie Producer, Raymond Wong and written by Edmond Wong.

In addition, Ip Man the Musical and its producers are strongly being looked at for support from the Singaporean government with its aim to create Singapore as a "West End" of Asia, with the producers finally deciding to premiere their show in Singapore, a first for that territory.

It has been reported that auditions will commence mid next year and will travel through China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other parts of Asia with the aims of identifying and discovering new musical talents.

At present, Ip Man The Musical is also supported by varying partners, including the FLY Sound Company from Taiwan which serves as the production's audio equipment strategic partner and Lateensail from Japan, who will provide all multimedia technologies and content, as the production's multimedia strategic partner.

STAGE TUBE: Producers Wang Hongming and Robert Vicencio Talk Creating IP MAN THE MUSICAL
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