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SIS Presents OUR OFFERING Via Zoom

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Learn About the Play Over Zoom

SIS Presents OUR OFFERING Via Zoom

Sis will present Our Offering, written by Antonio Lasanta and Gage Tarlton, presented over Zoom.

STARRING: Sis, Sharon Catherine Brown, Samantha Williams, Jai'len Josey, Anthony Lee Medina, Terrance Spencer, Julia Santana, Chalia La-Tour, Charles Bernard Murray, Ashton Muñiz, Kathryn Allison, Jasmine Rogers, Antonio Lasanta, Kiaya Scott, Andrew Barth-Feldman, Reneé Rapp

ADDITIONAL CAST: Kat Griffin, Jacob Santos, Destiny Mosely, Breanna Lindsey, Kerrinton Thomas, Nikki Knupp, Sierra Sterling, Kyle Ward, Suzanne Tidwell, Camille Thomas, Brianna Odo-Boms, Ciara Anderson, Yasmyn Sumiyoshi, Anna Maria

CREATIVE TEAM: Sis, Kerstin Vaughn, Yasmyn Sumiyoshi, Sierra Nicole, Hunter Burke, Antonio Lasanta, Gage Tarlton, Gavin Calais, Camille Thomas, Anna Maria, Jacob Smith, Kiaya Scott, Sharon Catherine Brown, Anthony Lee Medina, Julia Santana, Charles Bernard Murray, Kathryn Allison, Samantha Williams, Andrew Barth Feldman, Ashton Muñiz, Kat Griffin, Jai'len Josey, Gavin Calais, Eva Leonard, Terrance Spencer, Reneé Rapp

Where do we come from? Where do we go from here? Where do we find Life after living? Our Offering explores the truths of existence, identity, ancestry, and community. Meet the townsfolk of Rivera Falls, the center of the world where the trees breathe and the people are kind, as The Guide takes you through time and space.


Visit to reserve a spot for this performance (a hybrid of Zoom calls and video recordings) and to access the link, playbill, and all donation info. Proceeds will go directly to The Next Generation Project, an organization dedicated to distributing resources to Black and Brown Trans folks in need.

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