Regional Roundup: Top 10 Stories This Week Around the Broadway World - 8/7; WEST SIDE STORY at Music Circus, a 'Must-See' HAIRSPRAY in Cleveland and More!

This week, we go around our Broadway World to feature stories in Cleveland, Denver, Sacramento and more. Check out our top 10 stories around our Broadway World below, which include WEST SIDE STORY at Music Circus, a "must-see" HAIRSPRAY in Cleveland, and BONNIE AND CLYDE in Denver, just to name a few.


1. Washington, DC: Editor Andrew White reviews David Sedaris at the Wolf Trap. He says, "One of the many highlights was his recitation of random entries from his diary, which he has kept in varying degrees of frankness for decades. Another story recounts his reaction to the Supreme Court Ruling on Gay marriage - which, in typical snark fashion, he'll only take advantage of if the tax benefits are worth the hassle. (Greeks and taxes - trust me, this makes sense)." Read more here.


2. Boston, MA: Editor Kristen Morale reviews MY FAIR LADY at Cape Playhouse. She says, "It is one of those musicals that you cannot get enough of, and The Cape Playhouse has thankfully brought such a beautiful production of MY FAIR LADY a Cape Cod audience; between the show's quality, the chosen cast and the way in which the director sort of re-mastered this show from what everyone may be used to, we should all be gracious that the Playhouse decided on this show to continue its already successful eighty-ninth season." Read her full review here.


3. Cleveland, OH: Senior Editor Roy Berko reviews a "must-see" HAIRSPRAY at Porthouse Theatre. He says, "Katey Sheehan, she of chunky cheeks, darlin' dimples, big voice, and dancing feet, was Tracy-terrific. She has an infectious stage presence that well fit the role. Talia Cosentino, who has "a Broadway future star" written all over her, was "Gidget"-cute as Tracy's best friend Penny. Chuck Richie (in drag) was endearing as Tracy's mother and Rohn Thomas was charming as Tracy's dad." Read his full review here.

4. Milwaukee, WI: Editor Peggy Sue Dunigan says "TAP'S Captivating STEEL MAGNOLIAS Bridges Tears and Laughter." She goes on, "Throughout the performance Kay Allmand sparkles playing the ringleader Truvy, who manages her salon brushed with her individual brand of sassy humor. Amy Ensign's M'Lynn and Katherine Duffy's "Pretty in Pink" Shelby match parental love and wits with perfect charm. The pair captures the endruing essence of a mother-daughter relationship along with the struggles this engenders when a daughter marries---Shelby warns her mother she can make her own decisions regarding her health and her future, including having a baby when her doctors advise otherwise, despite a mother's misgivings." Read her full review here.



5. Miami, FL: Editor Roger Martin reviews I'LL EAT YOU LAST at GableStage. He says, "Well, hustle on over to Joe Adler's GableStage in the Biltmore Hotel and treat yourself to ninety minutes of brilliant writing, directing and acting. Thank John Logan for the script, Michael Leeds for the direction and, wait for it, Laura Turnbull for the acting." Read his full review here.

6. Birmingham, AL: Editor Marietta Lunceford says South City's NEST OF ANGELS "is unique." She goes on, "Written by Birmingham's own Alan Litsey, NEST OF ANGELS is a funny, interesting look at human interaction, set in the world of theatre. With only two characters, it was crucial to have top notch performers in these roles.... Christie Connolly and Reese Thompson certainly fill the bill. Director Sue Ellen Gerrells calls them two of the most gifted actors she has had the pleasure of working with. Willing to take chances and make bold choices, Mrs. Gerrells has admitted that these two have made her job much easier." Read more here.


7. Denver, CO: Editor Chris Arneson reviews BONNIE AND CLYDE at Equinox Theatre. He says, "Annika Merkel's Bonnie had an endearing vivacity about her, holding her own while trying to stay on track to her dream of becoming a Hollywood starlet. But even when her path with Clyde shifted, she owned it. As Bonnie is a vocalist in the show as well, Merkel's vocals were a lovely addition to the role.... Kalond Irlanda gave Clyde an alluring charm, balancing the role's softer moments with a raw edge. His vocals blended well when singing with others in the cast." Read more here.


8. Sacramento, CA: Editor Harmony Wheeler reviews WEST SIDE STORY at California Music Circus. She says, "Diane Laurenson's clever choreography uses the round stage to its unique advantage as the Jets and the Sharks face off. When Maria and Tony - each from a different side - fall in love, the two join "One Hand, One Heart" and believe in a future without hate and racial confrontation. Laurenson adds a softer touch the pair's moments, which, coupled with David Neville's light design, make for some exceptionally beautiful and poignant moments." Read more here.


9. Germany. A new German production of ALADDIN is opening in Hamburg in December. The stars of ALADDIN DAS MUSICAL, Myrthes Monteiro and Richard-Salvador Wolff recently performed the show's magical love duet, "A Whole New World" at a promotional concert. Click here to watch the performance, and read more here.

National Tour Highlight:

10. Editor Audrey Liebross previews a new tour of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. She reports, "The Phantom is harder-edged than his New York and London counterparts, and the new version is darker; this Phantom pushes Christine around literally as well as figuratively. The tour's Phantom actually looks a bit different from Broadway and West End Phantoms, both because his wig becomes increasingly mussed as he grows increasingly unhinged, and also because his make-up and costumes are closer to those in the 2004 movie than to those in the original production. The tragedy of this Phantom's face is, in some ways, stronger than in the original - as in the case of Gerard Butler's movie Phantom, only the right side is damaged. This Phantom can see how extraordinarily handsome he was meant to be; the face that denies him "the joys of the flesh" would have had the opposite effect had its right side matched its left." Read more here.

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