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Review: Essential Theatre's DISSONANCE An Essential Conversation About What Divides Us

The genius of “Dissonances” is the way that it reveals, and then gently dismantles, those walls we erect around ourselves, those unconscious fears that prevent us from really communicating and empathizing with people different from ourselves.  Both Duncan and Sandel create human beings we recognize instantly—their virtues intact, their flaws visible but never damning. 

Magician Milt Larsen Dies at 92

Milt Larsen has died at 12:28pm on Sunday, May 28th, in Los Angeles of Natural Causes at 92. The patriarch of magic, Milt was perhaps best known for his life-long role in the world of magic and illusion, and grew up in a family of magicians.  

Messenger Legacy Band to Appear at William Paterson University in May

Messenger Legacy band—honoring the enduring influence of jazz great Ralph Peterson—appears at William Paterson University on May 20, 2023 at 8:00pm 

Pulp, Paolo Nutini, Ed Gamble & More Join LATITUDE Lineup

Leading music and arts festival Latitude festival returns to the ​​picturesque grounds of Henham Park, Suffolk, on 20-23 July 2023.

Lookingglass Theatre Company Announces Registration Is Now Open for 2023 Summer Camp

The Department of Curiosity at Lookingglass Theatre Company invites high school students to participate in a one-of-a-kind experience this summer in the historic Water Tower Water Works on Michigan Avenue. 

Review: 4615 Theatre's PAPER BACKS and LIFE JACKET - A Thrilling, Pensieve Showcase

Audiences rarely have the opportunity to navigate between the Scylla of relationships and the Charybdis of a wreck at sea, and 4615 Theatre’s effort here, with both paper backs and Life Jacket, is not to be missed.

Review: Washington Stage Guild's MAJOR BARBARA Shines as Only Shaw Can

The Washington Stage Guild's current production of Shaw's Major Barbara runs rings around a whole world of ideas, metaphysical, physical, you name it, with Emelie Faith Thompson positively shining in her turn as the title character

Review: Shakespeare Theatre's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING a Dazzlingly Brilliant Farce

Simon Goodwin's new production of Much Ado About Nothing pulls out all the stops. Visually joyful, with antics and sight-gags galore, this is just the break from election anxiety this town needs. We've been waiting a long time for this one (COVID delayed the premiere by a bit, as you can imagine), and boy was the wait worth it!

Review: Best Medicine Rep's THE TRIP a Wonderful Way to Say Goodbye to Summer

Best Medicine Rep Theater is offering a lovely remedy for the post-Summer Blues, with their production of Crystal V. Rhodes' 'The Trip.' Yvonne Paretzky has assembled a crack cast, and directed them to a briskly-paced evening of entertainment.

Governors State University Presents the World Premiere Musical RED SUMMER Next Month

Governors State University’s Center for Performing Arts announces the world premiere of Red Summer written by Lookingglass Theatre’s Andrew White and MPAACT’s Shepsu Aakhu, composed by Shawn Wallace, directed by Lydia J. Dymond. Red Summer will play at the Center for the Performing Arts stage, just 35 miles from Chicago in University Park, IL, September 16-25, 2022. 

BWW Review: Capital Fringe Festival's MARY a Touching Examinaiton of a Teacher's Life

Jo Williamson's one-woman show, 'Mary,' is by turns a desultory affair, a tale of a high school English teacher with a varied career pattern, and a variety of relationships with men. 

BWW Review: Chisa Hutchinson's Brilliance on Display in Contemporary American Theater Festival's WHITELISTED

Inspired by Jordan Peele's blockbuster horror film 'Get Out,' Hutchinson has crafted a Dickensian morality play with 'Whitelisted,' set in a predictably bland, hoity-toity, newly-renovated white lady's apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

BWW Review: CATF's THE FIFTH DOMAIN a New, Warp-Speed Cyber-Thriller

With Victor Lesniewski's cyber-drama 'The Fifth Domain,' CATF steps boldly into a genre that is in its relative infancy. Focused on the world of code, on computer hacking, and on the shadowy world of international cyber-espionage, Lesniewski contemplates the darkest potential behind the infernal machines that now rule our lives.

BWW Review: Contemporary American Theater Festival's SHEEPDOG A Gritty, Moving Tour-de-Force

Sarah Ellen Stephens delivers a passionate, nuanced performance as Amina, a black Cleveland police officer whose relationship with a fellow, white officer is dealt a huge blow when a late-night confrontation with a suspect leads to a shooting, under murky circumstances. Playwright Kevin Artigue does an admirable job of laying out the complexities, leaving enough room for all of us to contemplate how easily even the best of intentions can implode.

BWW Review: USHUAIA BLUE an Immersive, Deep Environmental Dive at CATF

Jessi D. Hill's production of 'Ushuaia Blue' offers us a performance piece that is part tone poem, part personal tragedy, part environmental meditation. Shifting with ease from one time and place, and from one frame of mind, to another, the cast offers us a glimpse of how our understanding of global climate change needs to expand-beyond the microscopes and bathyscaphes, beyond the labs, beyond those cute penguins, and out onto the ever-more-endangered ice of Antarctica.

BWW Review: BABEL at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival--A Play Unstuck In Time

Jacqueline Goldfinger's 'Babel' was written in, and for, a different time and a different nation. Although designed as a comedy, watching its action unfold in the Marinoff Theatre at this year's Contemporary American Theatre Festival, in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, it's striking how the end of Roe vs. Wade, and the already-engaged battle over women's bodies nationwide, can force an entirely different reckoning from the audience.

BWW Review: CATF's THE HOUSE OF THE NEGRO INSANE is a Riveting, Mind-Blowing Experience

Terence Anthony's offering at this year's Contemporary American Theater Festival, 'The House of the Negro Insane,' will sweep you up in a tornado of emotions and deliver a few gut-punches as well, with riveting characters whose challenges make our own problems look as trivial as that fly landing on your picnic blanket. A polished piece of playwriting, this piece-now finally launched, after the long COVID hiatus-should find its place on stages across the country.

BWW Review: Olney Theatre's THE JOY THAT CARRIES YOU a Touching Journey Towards Renewal

'The Joy that Carries You' is a touching and touchingly thoughtful journey, one which many might recognize in their own. But Secka and Stoller also make this a celebration of the relationships which until (only) very recently were taboo. Thank goodness we're no longer at the stage where seeing two women choosing each other as life-partners is a shock; we can now see them as human beings. But we also know that relationships like this are still fraught with a unique form of anxiety, between the women themselves but especially with their families.

BWW Review: Washington Stage Guild's MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN MAN a Timely Reflection on the Past

The Washington Stage Guild has finally had the opportunity to stage D. W. Gregory's searing study of innocence, hardened cynicism and totalitarian self-delusion, 'Memoirs of a Forgotten Man.' In spite of the long hiatus from its premiere four years ago (pre-COVID), the play continues to challenge us, throwing the mirror up to our flawed natures.

BWW Review: Contemporary American Theatre Festival's Listening Party for REDEEMED Yet Another Afternoon of Gripping Drama

Recently, CATF supporters gathered to hear one of playwright Chisa Hutchinson's latest pieces, a radio drama that was co-produced with the Vermont's Dorset Theatre Festival. Over a fine, inventively crafted lunch at one of Shepherdstown's newest restaurants, Alma Bea (near the railroad tracks, just a couple blocks from the town's main drag), we were all given headphones and were instantly immersed in a tense, emotionally-wrenching drama 'Redeemed.'

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