Q&A with Seth Rudetsky

We checked in with the always busy Seth Rudetsky to get the scoop on his MADE TV appearance (Wednesday night, 10PM on MTV), his latest Deconstructing show and more!

How did you first come into contact with MADE or vice-versa?

Someone who auditioned and didn't get it recommended me! MTV casting wrote to my web site and I auditioned.

What drew you to participating in the series?

Well, quite frankly at first I thought it was to just be a voice teacher which I'm not....I'm a vocal coach....so I ignored the email, but when I told my agent he was like "Bitch, it's a national show....book it!"

Who did you have the chance to make over? How much time did you spend with them?

The episode is about a really sweet girl named Nadia who is a High School Junior, and, incidentally is the first Asian on the show! She dreams of being a pop star even though she's shy and her parents want her to follow a typical Asian intellectual career...i.e. doctor. There's an AMERCIAN IDOL type competition in her High School and her goal was to win it.

How did you feel throughout the process about her progress, what you were getting out of it - etc?

One of her biggest issues was worrying what other people thought about her which is something I think every artist struggles with. So while I was trying to free her up from caring about other people's judgement's, I was talking to myself, too! Also, I loved running her choreography with her...it was fun to be Britney!

How much of a time commitment was it?

Oy! It was six weeks. Usually two to three times a week and then increasing when it got close to the contest.

We also hear that you rounded up some of your Broadway celeb friends to help out - who did what?

Even though the song was a sassy pop song, I wound up asking many Broadway beeyatches to be my asst. coaches! I can't say what everyone does, but Jeff Marx, Harvey Evans, Amanda Ryan Paige and Orfeh all make appearances. We also went backstage at WICKED for a riff lesson from Shoshana Bean, my favorite rifftress. Also, the brilliant Chris Gattelli who's choreographing the upcoming Martin Short Broadway show and choreographed ALTAR BOYZ, and tons of Easter Bonnett opening number's with me staged her whole number.

Any hints on how she did in her competition?

I'm totally and beyond sworn to secrecy. I don't want to pull a "Scooter" Libby.

Always the busiest of men, on Monday night December 5, and again on the 19th, you'll be doing your 'Deconstructing: The Good, The Bad, and the Headachy' show at Ars Nova - who's being deconstructed this go round?

Who isn't? I've combined all my shows into one...Of course, I have the three B's...The Brady's, Barbra and Bea Arthur. The most fun thing has been making other people obsessed with my obsessions....people keep coming up to me and saying "I can't get 'He Touched Me" out of my head",...or "Now I have to buy "Drood" to hear Betty's belted E"! There are so many brilliant songs and singers out there that people need to be obsessed about... I'm just a simple compulsive person bringing it to their attention!

Ever hear from anyone that you've deconstructed?

I recently met Rip Taylor who is heavily featured in THE BRADY BUNCH VARIETY HOUR at one point dressed as a giant duck singing "Tangerine". I immediately asked how he got involved with the show and he said he was hired to be the love interest for Ann B. Davis. That sentence put me in a state of shock.

What else is coming up on your calendar?

I just had my first short story published in a book called "Fresh Men Volume 2" and my Mom is throwing me a party!

Tickets for Seth Deconstructs: The Good, The Bad and The Headachy are $15. To purchase, call SmartTix at 212-868-4444 or go to www.SmartTix.com.


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