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OVER AND OUT, the Next Album in the Averno Universe, Released Today

The album features Sushi Soucy, Janeen Garcia, Nalah Palmer, Morgan Smith, August Greenwood, and Mariah Rose Faith.

OVER AND OUT, the Next Album in the Averno Universe, Released Today

Broadway Records announced today the release of the new concept recording of Over and Out. With a score by Sushi Soucy and book by Morgan Smith, this album is the second release in Broadway Records' long-term partnership with the creators of Averno, a fictional universe that lives across multiple media platforms. Averno is a worldwide internet phenomenon where teens have found a safe haven in the times of quarantine. The album is now available wherever digital music is sold and on

Over and Out tells the story of Solar, a lonely student at Averno's A New School, trying to contact aliens after years of gazing up at the stars. After months of yearning to be heard, they are finally able to connect with someone via their walkie-talkie... just not the alien they were expecting.

Produced by Smith, Soucy, and Michael J Moritz Jr, Over and Out stars Soucy as Solar and Janeen Garcia as Nova, with additional vocals are provided by Nalah Palmer, Smith, and August Greenwood. Palmer also provides additional orchestrations. Mariah Rose Faith (Mean Girls National Tour, Starry) provides guest vocals for a bonus track.

In the fall of 2019, theatre artist and writer Morgan Smith created Averno - an immersive, interactive universe of interlocking musicals, comics, novels, and virtual reality centered around a single town in the south. When COVID-19 hit, the team expanded to include 60 other artists from 14 countries, including composers August Greenwood and Sushi Soucy. They shared one goal: create a form of theatre-oriented media that is not only producible in the COVID era, but that thrives in it. Since then, Averno has exploded into an online phenomenon, with over 100k followers across platforms, tens of thousands of participants in online events, and an international planning and development team formed to plan 13 musicals, as well as TV shows, films, comics, graphic novels, and fantasy series all set in Averno. With an innovative transmedia design approach that focuses on cross-platform expansion and truly immersive content, Averno has gripped the online-based arts industry, creating a universe that fans have flocked to in a matter of months - and this is only the beginning. To learn more about Averno, you can discover the universe on Instagram at @avernotown or TikTok on @avernomusicals on Instagram.

The first album in the Averno Series, Willow, was released in September and leapt to #7 on the Billboard Cast Album charts. Written by Smith and Greenwood, it has been streamed over 1 million times on Spotify. Over and Out is the second album in the Averno series released by Broadway Records, with many more in the works.

Listen to the album below!

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