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New York City Ballet Announces Casting for Weeks One and Two of Their Digital Season

Sara Mearns, Tiler Peck, Teresa Reichlen, and more will be featured.

New York City Ballet Announces Casting for Weeks One and Two of Their Digital Season

On Tuesday, September 29, at 8pm EDT, NYCB will release an All Balanchine program of Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux and "The Unanswered Question" from Ivesiana, with excerpts from Symphony in C, Liebeslieder Walzer, Episodes, and Stravinsky Violin Concerto. Leading dancers include NYCB Principal Dancers Ashley Bouder, Sterling Hyltin, Maria Kowroski, Lauren Lovette, Sara Mearns, Tiler Peck, Teresa Reichlen, Jared Angle, Adrian Danchig-Waring, Joseph Gordon, Anthony Huxley, Ask la Cour, and Taylor Stanley, as well as former NYCB Principal Dancers Janie Taylor, Joaquin De Luz, and Jonathan Stafford, who is NYCB's current Artistic Director.

The second program, which premieres on Tuesday, October 6, at 8pm EDT, will feature two works by George Balanchine: Kammermusik No. 2 (First Movement) and Movements for Piano and Orchestra, two works by Jerome Robbins: Opus 19/The Dreamer (First Movement) and Glass Pieces (Third Movement), as well as Chiaroscuro by Lynne Taylor-Corbett and Red Angels by Ulysses Dove. The performances feature NYCB Principal Dancers Sara Mearns, Maria Kowroski, Teresa Reichlen, Jared Angle, Adrian Danchig-Waring, Gonzalo Garcia, Ask la Cour, and Andrew Veyette; NYCB Soloists Lauren King, Ashley Laracey, Unity Phelan, and Brittany Pollack; and former NYCB Principal Dancer Jennie Somogyi, former NYCB dancer Giovanni Villalobos, and former NYCB Soloist and current Resident Choreographer and Artistic Advisor Justin Peck.

On Saturday, October 10, at 2pm EDT, NYCB will release its first family-friendly matinee program of the season, which includes three ballets by Balanchine: Tarantella, featuring NYCB Principal Dancer Megan Fairchild and former Principal Dancer Joaquin De Luz; the first movement of Western Symphony, led by NYCB Principal Dancers Abi Stafford and Taylor Stanley; and Scherzo à la Russe, performed by then-apprentices Olivia Boisson and Claire Von Enck, along with dancers who were students at the School of American Ballet at the time of the recording.

Each program will be available to view on NYCB's website and digital platforms for one week. Details for additional offerings for the first week of programming-City Ballet The Podcast released on Mondays; the hour-long intermediate/advanced ballet class "Signature Steps" offered on Wednesdays; and "Ballet Breaks," the 20-minute workshop for children ages 3-8 offered on Saturdays-can be found in the attached overview and at

SYMPHONY IN C (First Movement): Ashley Bouder, **Joseph Gordon [Conductor: Clotilde Otranto] Filmed 9/21/2018

IVESIANA ("The Unanswered Question"): Janie Taylor, Anthony Huxley [Conductor: Andrews Sill] Filmed 5/1/2013

LIEBESLIEDER WALZER (excerpt): Maria Kowroski, Jonathan Stafford

[Solo Pianists: Andrews Sill, Susan Walters] Filmed 5/22/2012

LIEBESLIEDER WALZER (excerpt): *Lauren Lovette, Jared Angle

[Solo Pianists: Andrews Sill, Susan Walters] Filmed 1/20/2016

EPISODES (excerpt): *Teresa Reichlen, Adrian Danchig-Waring [Conductor: Daniel Capps] Filmed 2/6/2020

TSCHAIKOVSKY PAS DE DEUX: Tiler Peck, Joaquin De Luz [Conductor: Clotilde Otranto] Filmed 9/21/2018

STRAVINSKY VIOLIN CONCERTO (finale): Sterling Hyltin, Ask la Cour, Sara Mearns, **Taylor Stanley

[Conductor: Clotilde Otranto; Solo Violin: Kurt Nikkanen] Filmed 9/21/2018


(available at,, and until Tuesday, October 13, at 8pm EDT)

KAMMERMUSIK NO. 2 (First Movement): Sara Mearns, Teresa Reichlen

[Conductor: Andrews Sill, Solo Piano: Cameron Grant] Filmed 5/2/2012

OPUS 19/THE DREAMER (First Movement): *Unity Phelan, Gonzalo Garcia

[Conductor: Andrews Sill, Solo Violin: Arturo Delmoni] Filmed 1/30/2020


[Conductor: Daniel Capps, Solo Piano: Alan Moverman] Filmed 4/28/2015

CHIAROSCURO: *Ashley Laracey, *Lauren King, *Brittany Pollack, *Andrew Veyette, *Justin Peck, *Giovanni Villalobos

[Guest Conductor: Harrison Hollingsworth] Filmed 5/12/2017

RED ANGELS: **Maria Kowroski, Jennie Somogyi, **Adrian Danchig-Waring, **Jared Angle

[Guest Electric Violinist: Mary Rowell] Filmed on 5/29/2013

GLASS PIECES (Third Movement): Company [Guest Conductor: Harrison Hollingsworth] Filmed 2/21/2017


(available at,, and until Saturday, October 17, at 2pm EDT)

TARANTELLA: Megan Fairchild, Joaquin De Luz

[Conductor: Andrews Sill, Solo Piano: Elaine Chelton] Filmed on 5/1/2013

SCHERZO À LA RUSSE: *Olivia Boisson, *Claire Von Enck [Guest Conductor: Jayce Ogren] Filmed on 9/25/2012

WESTERN SYMPHONY (First Movement): Abi Stafford, Taylor Stanley [Conductor: Clotilde Otranto] Filmed 5/17/2016

*First time in a role **First time in a role in New York City

Programming subject to change (09/21/20)

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