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Marina Montesanti, Charlotte Arnoux, Alex Parrish Amongst Sokoloff Arts 2019 Recipients

Town Stages has just announced that the 2019 recipients of the annual Sokoloff Creative Arts Fellowship include Broadway and Off-Broadway stars: Charlotte Arnoux & Alex Parrish, Nikko Benson, Eamon Boylan, Maximus DeFrancesco, Molly Powers Gallagher, Tess Howsam, Rachel Lin, Anna Lublina, Lacy Marie Meyer, Ben Moniz, Marina Montesanti, Zach Morris, Mark Murray, Tara O'Con, Noah Reece, Tidtaya Sinutoke, Alex Spieth, Jeff Tang, Greg Taubman, The Mother Line Story Project, Will Thomason, Isaac L. Thompson Jr, Rebecca Vineyard, and Emma Rosa Went.

Sokoloff Arts has been dedicated to telling artists' stories and sharing their passions since its foundation in 2012. The Sokoloff Creative Arts Fellowship, in conjunction with Town Stages, provides a home for artists, entrepreneurs, writers, content creators, movers, shakers, and makers of all disciplines.

"The Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellowship is dedicated to providing space, perspective, and opportunity. We foster a community where all are welcome and everyone's biases are challenged," said Robin Sokoloff, executive director of Town Stages. "We encourage those who feel silenced, marginalized, and otherwise 'othered' to share their experiences, and remain dedicated to conversation and community. In our inaugural year, we were thrilled to support more than two dozen projects in a wide range of endeavors and disciplines."

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