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First Look At THE LAST FIVE YEARS Movie & Anna Kendrick Talks Singing Onscreen

First Look At THE LAST FIVE YEARS Movie & Anna Kendrick Talks Singing OnscreenThe hotly anticipated big screen adaptation of Jason Robert Brown's unique two-character musical THE LAST FIVE YEARS starring stage and screen crossover players Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan is planning to be released later this year and the first official image from the film is now available.

Kendrick opens up about her role of Cathy, a struggling actress, as well as her co-star Jordan and the unusual structure of the musical itself in the feature film adaptation from writer/director Richard LaGravenese as part of a new interview.

Kendrick discusses how Catchy lines up with her own personality, sharing, "I definitely see myself in Cathy and I see myself in Jamie. The thing that I loved about Cathy was this feeling that her partner was starting to take up more emotional space in the world and that meant that she had to shrink down, like that she represses herself to a degree that she ends up exploding. I thought it was so true to so many situations that I see my friends go through. It definitely echoes the things that I've experienced."

Addressing the idiosyncratic structure of the show - and, now, the film - Kendrick asserts, "[T]he movie is exactly like the show where it moves forward and backward in time. Something about it on film feels a little less like we have to really be paying attention to the timeline. It all just kind of feels like vignettes, like scenes from a marriage, except musical versions. So it has the exact same structure, but it doesn't feel like you are lost in time. We were really worried about making sure that people were following the timeline of it, and actually it all works."

Additionally, Kendrick reveals that original Cathy, Sherie Rene Scott, was present on set to offer pointers, stating, "Sherie was on set a bunch! Sherie makes a cameo and she was incredibly supportive. She immediately was so unbelievably kind, so generous with her advice and her praise that I never thought about her as this looming figure of somebody's shoes I had to fill."

Check out the original article on the matter here.

View a larger version of the first official image from THE LAST FIVE YEARS movie below.

First Look At THE LAST FIVE YEARS Movie & Anna Kendrick Talks Singing Onscreen

Photo Credit: EW

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