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Broadway From Home: Musicals to Watch to Kick off Summer!

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Memorial Day is known as the official start to summer, and although this year summer may look a little bit different, we wanted to share the best musicals to watch if you want escape from your living room and be transported to all the warm and sunny places you may not be able to get to for a little while!


Mary Poppins Returns

Escape on a journey that only an imagination can conjure up! From swimming in a bubble bath that turns into underwater adventures to visiting the Royal Doulton Music Hall and climbing Big Ben, you can experience the best of England with a touch of Mary!


Camp Rock

You may not be able to go to summer camp, but when you watch Camp Rock you can pretend you're at the best summer camp ever! I mean your local camp doesn't have the Jonas Brothers after all!

Camp Rock 2

If the first movie left you wanting more, you can return to Camp Rock for "The Final Jam," who knows maybe next summer you'll be signing up for music camp, too!

High School Musical 2

Schools out! Join Sharpay for 'A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa' and pretend like you're spending your summer at the Lava Springs, too!


I think we are all dreaming of escaping to tropical shores, but until then, join Moana in her adventure across the sea to save her home!

Teen Beach Movie

We may not be able to have a beach vacation right now, so instead, transport yourself back to the 1960s and hang out at Big Momma's beachside restaurant!

Teen Beach 2

Because two is always better than one!

The Little Mermaid

Journey with Ariel from under the sea to a coastal kingdom on the beach, and wish you were "part of that world" too!


(**Disclaimer: some the titles listed below must be rented or purchased**)


New York City is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, but right now you can't visit it, so watching Enchanted may be the next best thing! I mean who doesn't want to join a massive group number in Central Park?

Mamma Mia! The Movie

Two words: Greek Islands.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

If one movie set in Greece wasn't enough, you're in luck! Return to Donna's villa once more and daydream about soaking in the Mediterranean sun!

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