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BWW Blog: The Last One…Boo Hoo (Insert Tears)

BWW Blog: The Last One…Boo Hoo (Insert Tears)

BroadwayWorld. Lea here recapping what happened thus far. I was writing this on finals week.

One event I want to talk about is the Queens College reflect event. The event happens at dinners that are free on the first Thursday of each month. I was hesitant to go but I decided to try it on a day when I did not have rehearsal. This is the first semester this event has been offered. There are different tables with cards with topics to talk about: loneliness, relationships, school, stress, etc. At first, I did not know what to expect because I was new to the event. I went to all the tables and decided to spend the rest of the time I had on the one about relationships. Aside from the moderator, I was the only girl amongst boys (I don't mind it). I went back to one more reflect event after this one. Reflect Event is like peer counseling in a group setting...worth one's time, in my opinion.

Another thing I got to experience was my first opera on campus as a surprise date from my boyfriend. The Drama Department in my school has a joint production with the music school on campus (Aaron Copeland School of Music) in the spring. Every other year they alternate between a musical and an opera. Last year they did Damn Yankees so this year it's opera: The Marriage of Figaro. My friend Allie was performing on specific dates so I knew I wanted to go. She was playing Marcellina. Everyone in the opera reading this, you guys were amazing. The one thing I forgot to do was ask how long it was. We were getting a ride home and didn't want to inconvenience the person picking us up. I did not know operas are four hours long. (In the future, I have to remember this and properly manage my time.)

Big moment! The Tempest. It was hard to juggle rehearsal and school work, but there is an undeniable joy in being in a play so it is well worth all that hectic activity. It was great because I got to work with people I knew as well as new people. One time, we were rehearsing outside after we had to be quiet because there was a performance nearby (hard to hear lines but we did it). There was an event going on in the concert hall (Kiely). As the rehearsal continued, we heard screaming. I mean screaming like it was an N'SYNC concert or Elvis. The musician (I don't know who it was) had just finished performing and was getting out of the parking lot and young girls were losing their minds running, screaming and blocking his car trying to get a photo. It was crazy. Some crazy, funny, and strange things happened during our performances. I almost broke out laughing during the fairy dance/ blessing scene because one of our fairies decided to break dance, twerk, etc. I kept it under control. I had the most embarrassing moment of my life. This came when the fairies were supposed to scare Caliban, Trinculo and Stefano and chase them out of the amphitheater. I jumped off the stage and started to run up the hill and fell flat on my face, hands hitting the ground but got back up and continued. I reminded myself of an interview I watched of an actor who broke his finger and continued to perform while in pain. My skirt ripped a little and I got grass stains on it. Plus my knees were green. Another fairy fell in the same scene the day before. At least I had comfort in the thought that I wasn't the only one this happened to. We had two understudies go on for roles. So happy for them. It was a great show to do with amazing people. Shakespeare is hard but it can be fun. I asked a bunch of cast members what they thought the best part about performing in an outdoor amphitheater is.

"It just feels more open and exposed. It makes me feel the audience is more with me on the journey and closer on my character's journey" - James Terrell (Trinculo)

"It nice because if its cold then there is the sunlight and fresh air and it feels nice" - Michelle Meditz (Iris)

"Its nice to be outside. It provides and feels a certain kind of freedom of performing. Its Invigorating" - Robert Bratzstein (Master/ Stefano)

"Its not as conventional. Not like a regular theatre but more open" - James Hill (Adrian)

The next day I watched the second show I got for Christmas: Anastasia. I saw that movie as a kid in the theatres and only remembered the music box. That Broadway show was so beautiful. I could not help but cry at the end: (SPOILER ALERT if you saw the show or movie) the reunion scene. My reaction was based on hearing my favorite song "Once Upon a December":

1st time - OMG

2nd - OMG! Its so beautiful (plus Christy Altomare rocks that song along with "Journey to the Past" (PS - if you see the show look around the theatre during that number)

3rd time - I was balling like a baby.

Stage door was crazy because I got out and there was this crowd over at Anastasia squished onto one side of the sidewalk and another crowd filling the other half of this sidewalk and across the street. My guess is it was for Lobby Hero but not sure for which person. Everyone at Anastasia was so sweet. Max von Essen, Zach Atkins, Vicki Lewis, Christy (sweetest person ever) Altomare. Can I talk about her for a minute? She takes her time talking to every person. I told her I have been waiting to see this show since Christmas, that I watched her vlogs and my reaction to hearing her sing "Once Upon a December". She gave me a hug! Christy, you are one of the sweetest actresses ever on Broadway in my book. That's what I love about Broadway actors. They are so down to earth willing to talk. Not just leads but ensemble too. They are happy to meet the fans. Thank you, Anastasia, for bringing this story to the stage. I will come back to see it again soon.

Finals have taken over my life. Now they are done. I'm officially done. I have no idea what plans I have for summer. A few people I know are about to graduate. Most are coming back. Yippee! Maybe I will see more shows, go for dance classes, write, find a job, see friends, go on vacation, more adventures with my friends, family, boyfriend, I don't know what can happen in the summer.

As you can tell from the title, this is my last blog for this semester. I enjoyed writing here for you guys. It was a blast. Thank you, Julie, and the entire BroadwayWorld team for giving me the opportunity to write for the site. I love everyone. Thanks to my friends and family who read these blogs. Thanks to the people at Queens College who read these blogs. We have been through a lot, Middletown, Tempest, dance classes, Broadway, classes and getting papers and videos done. I am grateful for this opportunity. I'm glad I did it. See you next semester.

For those graduating - Congratulations!

For those returning - See you in August!

For everyone - See you in Summer 2018!

We Did It!

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