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BWW Blog: Steve Blanchard of Old Globe's GRINCH - Who is Carol? And Why is She Linging?

This is what I said as I was in agony over the Who's Christmas caroling. I was so pleased with myself, I misjudged the distance of the cave wall and bloodied my nose! (I bang my head against the cave wall when they sing.) Just another lil' tradition I started last year. In last year's production, I broke a Christmas present on my head, instead of my foot, and bloodied my forehead! Woo-Hoo! Little Cindy-Lou Who looked at me with eyes the size of a planet. I spent the next 10 minutes onstage trying not to get blood on her dress. I didn't want the folks in wardrobe mad at me! Speaking of which, did you know how to get blood off of any fabric? Spit on it! Only your saliva will work on your blood. Thanks to the brilliant ladies and gentlemen of wardrobe in the theatre for teaching me that! And a special thanks to Beth Merriman for always making me look comfy, green and Grinchy!

My little Who is a week old today! Mama and little Ren are doing great. I changed a fragrant lil' diaper at 4 a.m., then did a student matinee this morning at 10:30 a.m. I was VERY Grinchy. At last week's student matinee, when I was trying to wish all a "Merry Christmas," I usually stutter a few “Chr...Chr...”, when a little one from the audience shouted "Merry Christmas!" I simply turned to the little one and whined "Just gimme a chance!" Much fun was had in Whoville that day.

Thank you for once again tuning into another edition of wardrobe secrets in the theater. I'm your host, the mean one, until next time... Don't break things on your head.


My Little "Who"

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