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BWW Blog: Micah Young - The Beauty Is…

BWW Blog: Micah Young - The Beauty Is…

When we find a work of art beautiful, is it because we value the mechanics and technique, or the surface aesthetic? Is it purely one or the other? For examples: 'I love this piece of art because of the use of brush strokes and structure,' verses: 'I love this painting because it evokes emotion and is simply beautiful.'

A colleague and I had this discussion regarding theatre, which made me realize we all see art in different ways. As we discussed, he pointed out he would rather not know how the art was made, and simply enjoy the art. I find myself wanting to deconstruct the piece. I think of it like a beautiful car; on the outside is this great coat of paint and details. On the inside, when you pop the hood, is the engine that makes the car run.

In the end of our discussion we found shows we both loved for the same and some different reasons. We don't have to find the same aspects of a show or a painting beautiful or particularly interesting. But what I find interesting is a great work of art has the many different aspects for the many different spectators to enjoy.

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