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BWW Blog: I Have a Seri(es)ous Problem

Lockdown has fed my series addiction and I don’t hate it.

BWW Blog: I Have a Seri(es)ous Problem

I think we can all agree that we have probably watched more series in the past year than we have in our lifetimes. Well, I have at least. Since the one-year anniversary of being home is approaching I thought I would look back on all the shows I have discovered and rediscovered during these troublesome times. Excluding all the current on-going shows like the OneChicago fam. Here are some shows that I have fallen in love during these challenging times.

1. Cable Girls

I stand by the fact that Spanish dramas are the most beautifully written and most well thought out stories in all drama history. Cable Girls is pure perfection. A women-driven show set in 1920s Madrid. LOVE IT!

2. El Internado (The Boarding School)

Cable Girls led me to an obsession with Blanca Suárez, Martiño Rivas and Yon González. I discovered a mid-2000s show starring all three of them. I mean Blanca comes in later but still. El Internado is so intriguing and mysterious. It is another Spanish drama that just keeps you guessing and on your toes. El Internado has a little sprinkle of the supernatural but is a full on mystery.

3. Cursed

I watched Cursed when it came out and fell in love. I have always been a sucker for Arthurian legends and this one was just so different and fresh. It was so beautiful and a great escape from the stress of life. Still waiting on a renewal but definitely a great fantasy drama.

4. Julie and the Phantoms

A Netflix "kids show" by Kenny Ortega, the man of our childhood. This show is such an intensely beautiful show. It highlights friendship and the power of music. A comedic but heartfelt show that has the best tunes for life. There are basically Broadway numbers with Cheyenne Jackson at the head of them. I was weeping throughout. May or may not have rewatched multiple times - I have no shame. Again, waiting for renewal but still such a feel-good watch.

5. Bridgerton

My biggest flex is knowing about Bridgerton before everyone knew about Bridgerton. I have been a huge fan of Jonathan Bailey since 2013 and I saw him as Olly Stevens in Broadchurch so, I knew about the show before all they hype and I am so proud of that. But of course, I watched it and rewatched it and fell in love and became obsessed with the Musical. Funny enough though, Anthony was not my favourite brother but Benedict is.

6. Fate: the Winx Saga

Another show I knew about before the trailer. I love Robert James-Collier and I saw he was in this new show called Fate based on Winx Club. I was so excited because I grew up watching Winx Club so this was brilliant. But then the trailer was released and I wasn't too sure but when I watched it - I cannot tell you how shook I was. The show has its problems but what show doesn't but this show gave me so much joy and genuine pride; I feel very protective over the show and the actors now. Because the show is genuinely good.

7. Tiny Pretty Things

Ballet and drama. I am here for it. Absolutely loved that show. It was so very mysterious and I look forward to a season two.

8. Emily in Paris

I adore Lily Collins and was so taken back when I saw Ashely Park. So funny, kind of cringey but so excited for season two. It's a great show to have playing in the background.

9. The Stranger

Such a twisty show. I was shook to the core basically every second. Loved it and who doesn't love Richard Armitage.

Enough about the new shows. I have had enough time to not only discover new shows but rewatch shows like:

1. Downton Abbey

Showed it to my dad, I really loved watching his reaction to it. He adores Carson.

2. Derry Girls

Another show we watched with my dad. He went to a Catholic school and was taught by Irish brothers so; he really was so taken back by the show.

3. One Tree Hill

For the one thousandth time, I rewatched One Tree Hill. I don't need to explain why.

4. Medici

I am one for period dramas and historical shows. Medici is easily one of my favourite shows so, I happily rewatch the show time and time again-- so much heart, so much dedication. A show about working hard for what you have and about one of the most famous families of Italy. Adore it.


A classic.

6. Good Omens

A David Tennant and Michael Sheen beauty. The show got me through my matric prelims and is about the end of the world. So, who wouldn't want to rewatch a show about the apocalypse during an apocalyptic year.

Definitely watched countless other shows like Chicago Fire, Med and PD, Nancy Drew, Arrowverse shows, When Calls the Heart and Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. But they're like duty shows that I religiously watch as they come out. They're part of my weekly routine.

Most of the new shows are on Netflix except El Internado and most of the rewatched shows aren't on Netflix I have their boxsets but South African Netflix is different to US Netflix so have a look if you want to check them out.

If you read and became concerned that I have a problem; don't you worry because I am expected to return to campus in two weeks.

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