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BWW Blog: 10 Oddly Specific Things I Miss About Performing (and 10 That I Don't)

Yes, tech week made the list… more than once

BWW Blog: 10 Oddly Specific Things I Miss About Performing (and 10 That I Don't)

It's been nearly a year since I, like many other theatre-loving students, have been in a rehearsal space, theatre, dance studio, or classroom. This reality we're in would've been incomprehensible pre-2020; however, I've held onto both the big memories and small moments that gave me a sense of purpose at school (and the world in general). Theatre will be back soon, but in a whole new way. In the meantime, it sounds cliche, but I miss the little things the most. Here are ten of the most specific things about doing live theatre that I miss (as well as ten that... maybe not).

1. I miss: The palpable optimism surrounding read-through. Yes, this would scare the living daylight out of me whenever I joined a show in a new school or company; however, watching the chemistry and buzz form in the initial moments of the rehearsal process was always beyond exciting.
...but I don't miss: waiting for a cast list. No matter how well I thought I did in an audition, the period of knowing I'd done everything I could possibly do without having any control over the situation used to make me physically ill.

2. I miss: singing next to the piano during music rehearsals. I swear, there is nothing like singing in a room with nothing but you, your castmates, and the piano accompanying you as the song slowly comes together.
...but I don't miss: dropping my music in the middle of a rehearsal. It's so loud and awkward to have to bend down and pick it up, and since I am so clumsy (winning a "Most Likely to Fall into the Fountain" award at my theatre formals three times), it happened VERY often.

3. I miss: the camaraderie at dance rehearsals. I am a strong mover, and that's even a stretch; however, getting to dance away the stress of the day alongside friends and dancers of all levels was something I looked forward to. Plus, we'd all walk home together, dripping in sweat and craving food.
... but I don't miss: trying to do a combination at an audition that's above my skill level. Especially having to do it in a small group or by myself in front of the panel. It is the ultimate case of "fake it til you make it."

4. I miss: sitzprobe. It is pure magic to hear the orchestra with the cast for the first time.
... but I don't miss: awkwardly standing around to get measured for a costume. Add to the list of "things that are embarrassing for no reason," ASAP.

5. I miss: the smell of hairspray backstage, specifically on opening night. I don't know if I've Pavloved myself into associating it with opening night, but either way it makes me realize, hey, I'm doing a show today.
... but I don't miss: the smell of sweat backstage at the end of a show.

6. I miss: the magic of seeing the completed set for the first time.
... but I don't miss: whenever I'd do a show and nobody I knew came to that specific performance, so I'd inch out of the stage door and into the lobby without anyone noticing me (especially if I was in the ensemble).

7. I miss: the excitement of walking in the door for rehearsals. The best part of my day was always catching up with my friends before we got started.
... but I don't miss: realizing I'm running late for rehearsals. Yikes.

8. I miss: hearing the overture while I'm in the wings waiting to go onstage, or even when I'm watching a show from the audience. Ugh.
... but I don't miss: having to pee during that exact moment.

9. I miss: making plans with new and old friends for after rehearsal. There's nothing like cast bonding.
... but I don't miss: getting sick all the time! Whenever one person got a cold, we'd all get one, and it'd always be right around the show.

And finally:

10. I miss: tech week.
... but I don't miss: tech week. IYKYK.

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