Angel Light Pictures' THE GOLDEN KNIGHTS to Begin Filming in 2017

Angel Light Pictures' THE GOLDEN KNIGHTS to Begin Filming in 2017The Angel Light Pictures feature film The Golden Knights is now moving in motion toward pre-production with shooting set to take place in Old Tappan, NJ beginning summer of 2017. Script penned by Mario Vitellozzi and story by executive producer, Antonio Saillant. Steven Bruman will act as the Entertainment Law Attorney. Both Saillant and Bruman are alumni's of Northern Valley Regional High-school of Old Tappan, and an original team member of the 1979 Golden Knights Football Team. Rene Ross Garza, Filmmaker, entrepreneur and founder of Industrial Visual Group will produce.

'The Golden Knights', is a feature film about a young teenager whose goal to become a pro football player is changed by dramatic adversity in his life. Tony Dovolani, [Dancing with the Stars], will play the role of one of the coaches that transforms his life. This film will allow Tony Dovolani the opportunity to show audiences his versatility from the dance floor, in which he conveys creative storytelling into art form, to the big screen, where he will take on a more challenging and dramatic range of emotions in this exciting hard-hitting drama, based on a true story.

In an interview by - both Saillant and Bruman stated, "Our coach, Bill Medea, sort of rattled the town up, and just made everyone take another look at themselves, and he changed the spirit of the team," Bruman said. "He just changed all the kids' outlook on life and once that occurred, there was just this incredible winning spirit that led to the ultimate defeat of Westwood."

Antonio's , a filmmaker who grew up in Northvale and now lives in New York City, wants to bring the underdog story of that team to the big screen and plans to direct "The Golden Knights." His late brother, Angel, died in a 1987 car accident, but was the football team's captain during the 1979 season.

"The players on that team learned more in that one football game than they did the rest of their lives," Saillant said.

"It's a football story like we've never seen depicted on the big screen before," Saillant said. "It's a story about overcoming adversity and regaining the edge to succeed. Think 'Rudy,' if the whole team is Rudy."

In recent years, The Golden Knights lost two heartbreakers to Wayne Hills in 2010 and 2011 in the state title games. In 2010 they took the lead with 23 seconds to go but the Patriots ran the ensuing kickoff back for a touchdown. In 2011 they had an early 12-0 lead but again lost late in the fourth quarter.

In 1979, Northern Valley Regional High School's Golden Knights football team ended its season with a 33-8 win over Westwood, snapping a 24-game losing streak, giving Bill Medea his first win as head coach and turning the school's football program around.

"The whole turning point of the Golden Knights was in 1979," said producer Antonio Saillant, whose older brother Angel was on the 1979 team. "They started being successful and then they won states in 1985, and the journey continues."

Now, 2015- The Golden Knights jumped out to a 42-20 victory over Wayne Valley on Nov. 20. The win sets up a rematch with Valley's cross-town rival, Wayne Hills, for a North 1, Group 4 state title at MetLife Stadium Dec. 5.

As stated by Antonio Saillant in a interview from the International Policy Digest on September 19, 2014. "Film production and development has been slowed since Northern Valley Regional Highschool was contacted in 2011 with the initial idea for the movie. With this film, it's important to try and keep true to the spirit of the initial idea," said Saillant, who intends to keep the film's New Jersey roots.

Production can be scouted to be filmed anywhere -- New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania -- but to keep true to the story the producers have been fighting to ensure the story about New Jersey remains in the state. Funding for independent films can be a struggle, which often times benefit from state tax credits. Investors have been found to move the film forward; however, investment by the state would help with its development.

Part of the problem for Saillant and other filmmakers is that politics, and in particular, myopic anti-tax groups stepped in and pushed Governor Chris Christie to end tax credits for movie and television production. While The Golden Knights had been in development as far back as 2011, Christie ended the tax and film credits in New Jersey, forcing many filmmakers to look elsewhere for locations. While the move made sense for Governor Christie, as he eyes a presidential run in 2016, the decision dealt a blow for production companies and they soon looked elsewhere for locations. "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," "Boardwalk Empire," and other television shows and films relocated to states that incentivized filming.

Antonio Is not only a film producer; he also known as a passionate renaissance man for the environment. He's been focusing on his environmental work, which led to EarthKind Energy. He has been collaborating with EarthKind Energy to move forward to expanding sustainable growth in the entertainment business that will be propelled by this next evolution of their business model.

Angel Light Pictures announced that their film, 'The Golden Knights', currently in preproduction and scheduled for production in 2017, in Old Tappan, New Jersey will be produced 100% sustainable.

Sustainability is here to stay! And Antonio wants to basically dedicate his time and efforts in making sure we dedicate today's Life and Future to Stand up for Mother Earth and Preservation of Humanity and to make a global commitment to the cause of goodness and peace.

Antonio is also in development of two important sustainable events, "Rock it Green", a [Web-Talk Show and Pod Cast] and [Planet Greenfest] produced by Angel Light Pictures and Dream Destinations. He, recently joined Healing Seekers as co-producer which has received critical and journalistic acclaim for it's efforts to explore remote areas of the world highlighting health/ healing traditions and its unique cultural and environmental wonders.

Antonio a keynote speaker celebrated going green at Green Festivals Expo by touring nationwide in all of 2015! He began his tour this past April in NYC and ended in San Francisco on November 27. Antonio's program consist of: "Sustainability within the Entertainment Business" - Teach the concept of "Learning from Doing" in film. We are preparing the next generation of green filmmakers to be environmentally responsible, so that all communities will be safe, healthy and the earth's bounty will be preserved for future generations. We will make ecologically responsible decisions by creating and developing films that are 100% green.

Antonio stated, "Influencing Change - The role we can play as an Entertainment Industry Professional to set sustainable approaches for creating an environmentally soundproof industry on set and off."

Undaunted, Antonio Saillant and Steve Brumen soldier on with their project to bring the legacy of the Golden Knights to the big screen.

Casting for new starring and supporting roles is getting underway. Script should be completed mid-2016. Crew members can submit resumes to the email address below. All actors, extras, and crew members must have legal eligibility to work in New Jersey Actors submit reels and digital picture and resume though email only. No calls or visits.

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