CHEERS! More than 40 New Year's Wishes from Filipino Theater People

It has been a tough year for us, Filipinos, but we were able to rise above the challenges and showed the world how strong and resilient we are. We wish that for the coming new year our hearts be filled with love and compassion for everyone. has recently surveyed some of our friends in the Philippine theater industry--more than 40 of them--about their New Year's wishes!

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"My wish is for all the survivors of typhoon Yolanda to be presented with a concrete rebuilding plan for their cities and towns that can be implemented as quickly as possible. Something to keep them moving forward in the New Year." - Jon Jon Briones

"My wish is just for our country to recover from all the devastation and start healing." - Menchu Lauchengco - Yulo

"I wish for all families and individuals, especially those struck by tragedy this year, may it be the storm, earthquake, war, or personal misfortunes, to be given a chance to celebrate and be blessed with the love and cheer of Christmas, even in the simplest of ways by the people around them." - Carla Guevara-Laforteza

"My wish for every Filipino, including myself but most especially those in power, is to have the compassion, conscience and selfless attitude towards our fellow men not only when we go through tough times but as a way of life...It breaks my heart when I hear stories, all the more when I personally encounter and experience horrible things and incidents from them...I have non-religious or even atheist friends here in London who live their lives as how God wants us to live ours. Hypocrisy, pretensions, immorality, corruption, class system, and power playing seem to be the way of life in our country and it's very non-Christian, I believe."- Ima Castro

"That the survivors and those displaced by typhoon Yolanda receive the help they need and are able to pick themselves up from this tragedy. Also, that more people watch and support the local theater scene... especially Red Turnip Theater shows." - Rem Zamora

"I wish for a fantastic year for Red Turnip Theatre. I wish for love and light for our fellow Filipinos who survived Yolanda. I wish we, Pinoys, would wake up, unite, and not allow pigs to run our country I wish for more quality time with my son. I wish for more surf time. I wish for health and beauty. I wish for a mind-blowing role in an exciting new film project. I wish for a mind-blowing role in an exciting new play. I wish to direct a mind-blowing new play. I wish to spend half the year traveling with the love of my life (or a quarter). Oh and an Oscar would be nice."- Ana Abad Santos

"My New Year's wish is for the theater community to come together, shed all forms of divisiveness and creative/artistic prejudice, and engage in a conversation that will set the wheels into motion for a strong, stable, and sustainable theater ecology for our local theater scene. I've always been a firm believer in the value of inclusivity rather than exclusivity and this is something, I hope most people working in the theater industry can learn (or relearn)." - Toff de Venecia

"My wish? A rerun of 'Maxie, the musicale.' Please? Please? Please?... or a spin-off show for Audie Gemora's Roger De Bris ('The Producers'). That would make me truly happy." - Topper Fabregas

"More theatre shows and more audiences to show them to!" - Robbie Guevara

"Wishing everyone a wonder filled Christmas! One that awakens the spirit of childlike innocence asleep in every soul And a New Year full of love, laughs and of course loads of Live Theatre!" - Jaime del Mundo

"During these trying times, I wish for peace, love, and goodwill to all... and a speedy recovery and rebuilding of the lives of those severely affected by the typhoon." - Santi Santamaria

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