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Spoiler Alert! THE VOICE Blind Auditions Night Four Recap 9/30; Updating Live!
by Matt Tamanini

Three down, two to go. There are only two Blind Auditions left, and the four VOICE teams are starting to take shape. Now that each coach has a substantial stable of singers, they are starting to be a ... (more...)
BWW Recap: BLACKLIST Asks If Your Money's Safe at the Bank
by Marakay Rogers

We learn several things in the course of BLACKIST's 'Monarch Douglas Bank'. The three most important: Red's daughter's name is Jennifer, the US marshals lost track of her seven years ago (so she's not... (more...)
BWW Recap: CASTLE 'Driven' to Distraction: Has Beckett Lost Faith in Castle?
by Mary Damiano

Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy episode. Season 7 of CASTLE picked up exactly where Season 6 left off, with bride-to-be Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) looking down at the fireball that us... (more...)
BWW Recap: This Cat Can Scratch and Kids Get Snatched on GOTHAM
by Jeffrey Walker

James Gordon digs deeper into the city of Gotham as we learn more about Selina Kyle and child-trafficking. Meanwhile Bruce Wayne tests himself and Oswald Cobblepot rises from the deep. Those are just ... (more...)
BWW Recap: Another Monster is Born on SLEEPY HOLLOW
by Alan Henry

This week SLEEPY HOLLOW picks up right after where we left off last week. Katrina is still being kept captive by the horseman. Crane and Abby are still planning to rescue her, and through a dream Cran... (more...)
by Gabrielle Gervais

This week on DANCING WITH THE STARS, the couples paid tribute to the big screen. I was excited not only to see what everyone came up with, but was hoping that there would be movie-musical songs weaved... (more...)
Spoiler Alert! THE VOICE Recap for Blind Audition Night Three 9/29; Full Results!
by Matt Tamanini

The first two nights of THE VOICE's Blind Auditions last week, presented us with a lot of ups, but a few uncharacteristic downs from a show that prides itself on having the best singers on reality TV,... (more...)
BWW Recap: When One Door Closes- THE GOOD WIFE Says Goodbye (and I Cried)
by Jacqueline Bublitz

Okay, so I cried at the end. Not death-of-Will tears, or the sobs elicited when Alicia broke up with Gardner way back in Season 3, and I felt like it was happening to me. No, these were poignant tears... (more...)
BWW Recap: MASTERS OF SEX Looks Ahead to the Future in Their Season Finale
by Aimee Curameng

Here it is, folks. We've hit the end of the road for season two in another great season of MASTERS OF SEX. I can't believe it's over until next year! Let's savor these last few moments we have togethe... (more...)
BWW Recap: MADAM SECRETARY's 'Mysterious' Third Child Arrives
by Scott Fullerton

Welcome back Stranger Friends, and I hope you enjoyed week two of MADAM SECRETARY as much as I did. I think this episode really emphasized the balance the writers are achieving in mixing the politics,... (more...)
BWW Recap: Nothing changes on BOARDWALK EMPIRE
by Jessica Naftaly

'Nothing changes, does it?' asks Margaret Thompson on the fourth episode of season five of BOARDWALK EMPIRE. We're halfway through the final season of the show, so what else should we expect, but plen... (more...)
BWW Recap: Mum's the Word in RESURRECTION's Season Two Premiere
by Dylan Siegman

RESURRECTION fans can breath a collective sigh of relief now that the show is finally back! Just kidding, because multiple moments of Season Two's premiere episode entitled 'Revelation' will have you ... (more...)
BWW Recap: Go 'Undercover' on the Season Premiere of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE
by Kaitlin Milligan

The much anticipated BROOKLYN NINE-NINE premiere has finally arrived! The first episode of season 2 finds Jake on the tail end of his undercover stint with the Inanucci crime family and the 99th preci... (more...)
BWW Recap: DOCTOR WHO Meets Coal Hill's New Caretaker
by Kaitlin Milligan

On this week's episode of DOCTOR WHO “The Caretaker,” we find Clara's school life and her life with The Doctor colliding. Keep reading for all you need to know about this week's episode, but be warned... (more...)
BWW Recap: INTRUDERS Hits Where it Hurts
by Courtney Henley

If you're still reeling from the revelation that Amy, Jack's once-loving wife, is Rose, the head honcho calling all the shots for Qui Reverti, you're not alone. INTRUDERS dropped that bombshell on us ... (more...)
BWW Recap: OUTLANDER Mid-Season Finale; Full Review!
by Kara McCoy

It's shocking to me, fellow lads and lasses, that we've already reached Episode 8. Seems like only yesterday we were tumbling through the stones of Craigh na Dun like a wee little Sassenach. I approac... (more...)
BWW Recap: Viola Davis Teaches Us HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER
by Jeffrey Walker

Time for the verdict on episode number one of HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER which has premiered on ABC. Be aware: there are spoilers ahead so read carefully if you want to see the show first. HOW TO... (more...)
BWW Recap: Trouble Ahead (or Not) on Final Season of PARENTHOOD
by Matt Smith

Though many viewers were teased that the final season of PARENTHOOD was said to tie up loose ends (and while it may still indeed do that), you wouldn't know it from watching their first episode back f... (more...)
BWW Recap: SCANDAL Returns; Is Olivia Still Gone Girl?
by Jennifer McHugh

Greetings Gladiators. The long, wait is finally over and Pope & Associates are back… ish... Last season's shocking finale left us with many a cliffhanger. Papa Pope took over as Command of B6-13, reca... (more...)
BWW Recap: KINKY BOOTS' Ellyn Marie Marsh Breaks Down BIG BROTHER Finale
by BWW Special Coverage

If you follow Ellyn Marie Marsh (@ellynmarsh) on Twitter, there are a few things that you probably know about her. 1) She is an original and current memeber of the cast of Tony-winning musical KINKY B... (more...)
BWW Quick Thoughts: 16 Random Thoughts About The BIG BROTHER Finale
by Joseph OHern

Well folks it's the night we've all been waiting for! After a season of strong alliances and numerous twists, it's time to see who will be crowned the winner of BIG BROTHER! (more...)
BWW Recap: RED BAND SOCIETY Searches for the 'Sole' Survivor
by Scott Fullerton

Welcome back Stranger Friends, the RED BAND SOCIETY has met once again on FOX and the show brought the drama in its dramedy format to this episode. The theme of the week was, drumroll please, shoes! W... (more...)
BWW Recap: They Left Their Heart(s) in NASHVILLE
by Wendi Reichstein

In true soap-opera drama fashion, NASHVILLE gives us a peek of a very intense near future before rewinding us back about 12 hours. In this sneak peek, we're greeted with an indecisive Rayna, Juliette ... (more...)
BWW Recap: The Honeymoon's Over on MODERN FAMILY
by Matt Smith

Yes, as this article's title states the honeymoon's over, and in more ways than one for every sub-family within our favorite MODERN FAMILY clan. The literal honeymoon is over for Mitch & Cam, though C... (more...)
BWW Recap: SURVIVOR- BLOOD VS WATER Premiere 9/24; Full Results!
by Kara McCoy

It's a big night on CBS. Before a winner can be crowned on BIG BROTHER 16, SURVIVOR's gotta make a comeback, coming in hot with its 29th season premiere. And I mean hot. Like really hot. I've neve... (more...)

Spoiler Alert! THE VOICE Blind Auditions Night Four Recap 9/30; Updating Live!Spoiler Alert! THE VOICE Blind Auditions Night Four Recap 9/30; Updating Live! VIDEO: Rachel Bloom Inappropriately Announces Santino Fontana Joins Her Showtime Pilot
VIDEO: Rachel Bloom Inappropriately Announces Santino Fontana Joins Her Showtime Pilot
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