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BWW Recap: DANCING WITH THE STARS Eliminates Another Pair
by Gabrielle Gervais

The DANCING WITH THE STARS Results Show started off on a high note with an opening dance number to British pop group Little Mix's 'Salute.' It's one of my favorite songs right now, so that was fun for... (more...)
BWW Recap: Berlin, Mossad, Mrs. Reddington Kick Off BLACKLIST Season 2
by Marakay Rogers

When last we saw Rayomnd 'Red' Reddington on THE BLACKLIST, he was on a stoop in front of his latest safe house, plotting to find Berlin, but now in the Season Two premiere, 'Lord Baltimore,' he's on ... (more...)
BWW Recap: Action Packed SCORPION Premieres
by Joseph OHern

Focused on the real life story of super genius Walter O'Brien, the fast paced procedural drama centers itself on Walter (played by Elyse Gabel previously seen on GAME OF THRONES) and his band of insan... (more...)
BWW Recap: Welcome to GOTHAM - Looking at the Pilot
by Jeffrey Walker

GOTHAM promises to be a “modern gothic fairy tale” set in the DC Comic universe fans know and love as the home of Batman. But GOTHAM will not be a “Batman” show in the traditional sense. This series l... (more...)
BWW Recap: FOREVER Breaks the Surface in Series Premiere
by Meg Wood

Immortality cannot be an easy thing. All your friends and loved ones are going to die and leave you. The droning on of eternity becomes pure drudgery. You will survive to see mullets and leisure suits... (more...)
BWW Recap: SLEEPY HOLLOW is Back and Better Than Ever!
by Alan Henry

After a quick recap of Season 1, tonight's episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW jumped right into the action - one year after where the last season left off. Immediately the show jumps into action with an interac... (more...)
Spoiler Alert! THE VOICE Season 7 Premiere Recap; Full Results & Pics!
by Matt Tamanini

I'm sorry Blake Shelton, I have rooted for your team since the first season of THE VOICE, but no longer. Yes, you are still one funny, country rapscallion, but I will not be pulling for you to take ho... (more...)
BWW Recap: Back Behind the Bar on THE GOOD WIFE
by Jacqueline Bublitz

Nope! I did not see that coming. Perhaps the break lulled me into a false sense of network procedural security, because I thought we were coming back to THE GOOD WIFE to watch Cary and Alicia battle i... (more...)
BWW Recap: 'Jesus Was Wrong' in This Week's BOARDWALK EMPIRE
by Jessica Naftaly

There's forgiveness for everyone. That's what Jesus said,” utters Fern. “Baby girl,” Chalky informs her, “Jesus was wrong.” This episode wasn't the most faced paced, informative episode. In fact, we... (more...)
BWW Recap: MADAM SECRETARY Opens with 'Operation Stupid Kids'
by Scott Fullerton

Hello Stranger Friends, welcome as we begin our journey following CBS's latest entry into prime time political dramas, MADAM SECRETARY. I hope you will join me each week to compare notes, share criti... (more...)
BWW Recap: MASTERS OF SEX Finally Gives Libby Her Due
by Aimee Curameng

Libby. This episode of MASTERS OF SEX was really all about Libby. I know other things happened but I really just want to get to Libby. All right, let met give you a quick rundown and then we're going ... (more...)
BWW Recap: Commit a 'Time Heist' on This Week's Episode of DOCTOR WHO
by Kaitlin Milligan

Join The Doctor and Clara and they complete a “Time Heist” in this week's episode of DOCTOR WHO. Be warned, however, because below are major SPOILERS, so don't continue if you haven't watched this we... (more...)
BWW Recap: It's a Rose-Colored World for INTRUDERS
by Courtney Henley

“A rose by any other name should smell as sweet.” Shakespeare may have written it, but INTRUDERS creators seem to find an awful lot of inspiration in that quote. For a while now, Qui Reverti members h... (more...)
BWW Recap: It's a Nice Day for a Plaid Wedding on This Week's OUTLANDER
by Kara McCoy

This week's episode of OUTLANDER was a pretty special one, so mazel tov, newlyweds; this recap's for you. We get an opening shot of Claire and Frank walking hand and hand, all lovey dovey, down the s... (more...)
BWW Recap: DWTS: Who's the First One to Stop Dancing?
by Gabrielle Gervais

ABC's hit reality competition show DANCING WITH THE STARS premiered its 19th season last night with a bang, and tonight was the first elimination round. Now I'm recapping this show as it happens, so ... (more...)
BWW Recap: THE MINDY PROJECT Shine On, You Crazy Diamond
by Jennifer McHugh

Dear Mindy Kaling: When you began your show with 'More Than a Feeling' by Boston, I was in. But when Danny Castellano does a strip tease? I am SO in! (more...)
BWW Recap: NEW GIRL Get Your Veep On
by Jennifer McHugh

After surviving the cruise from hell in last season's finale, we are back after way too long of a break. The NEW GIRL crew is back and goofier than ever as they try to maneuver their way through their... (more...)
BWW Recap: Mayberry Goes Rogue on SONS OF ANARCHY
by Desiree Fantal

In the second episode of the final season of SONS OF ANARCHY, Jax's (Charlie Hunnam) systematic proposal for retaliation continued. In the season premiere, Gemma (Katey Sagal) accused an innocent memb... (more...)
BWW Recap: There She Is...MISS AMERICA! Can Miss NY Pull Off a Threepeat?
by Joseph OHern

It's that time of year again as fifty-two gorgeous young ladies take to the stage in Atlantic City to compete for the coveted title of MISS AMERICA! (more...)
BWW Recap: Make Sure to 'Listen' in This Week's DOCTOR WHO
by Kaitlin Milligan

This week's episode of DOCTOR WHO, “Listen,” is my favorite episode from this season so far. There are so many surprising moments, and the storyline was interesting and relatable. So, if you want to k... (more...)
BWW Recap: INTRUDERS Connects Some Very Paranormal Dots
by Courtney Henley

Ever been in one of those situations where you run into someone you knew from years ago, and suddenly you learn that they're best friends with your sister's brother-in-law's cousin? That's basically w... (more...)
BWW Recap: Black Jack's Back, There's Gonna be Some Trouble on OUTLANDER
by Kara McCoy

This week's episode of OUTLANDER picks up right where we left off, with the young Jeremy Foster, flanked by his English comrades, asking Claire if she is with the Mackenzies by her own volition. Brie... (more...)
BWW Recap: BIG BROTHER Takes Time To Rewind
by Joseph OHern

BIG BROTHER moved to a new night on CBS and all eyes were on the mysterious button and how it would affect the game. (more...)
VIDEO: THE VIEW Preview: Watch Rosie Perez & Nicolle Wallace Guest Co-Host
by TV News Desk

Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace were recently announced as the new co-hosts of “The View” joining moderator Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell. (more...)
BWW Recap: Pack Your Bagpipes, Plaid, Gaelic Dictionary; OUTLANDER Road Trip
by Kara McCoy

At the end of last week's OUTLANDER, Dougal Mackenzie promised us a road trip, and this week, we got it. Just so you don't get the wrong impression, Dougal's idea of a road trip doesn't include kickin... (more...)

Spoiler Alert! THE VOICE Blind Auditions Night Two Recap 9/23; Full Results!Spoiler Alert! THE VOICE Blind Auditions Night Two Recap 9/23; Full Results! BWW Interview: Ben McKenzie Talks GOTHAM's Gordon, Stunts, Facial Hair
BWW Interview: Ben McKenzie Talks GOTHAM's Gordon, Stunts, Facial Hair
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