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The Shows That Made Us
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The Shows That Made Us: LES MISERABLES

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Why the long-running French Revolution musical still strikes a chord

The Shows That Made Us: LES MISERABLES
Kerrie with Jeremy Secomb

In our new series, we're asking BroadwayWorld reviewers which show had the most impact on them...

I first saw Les Misérables on 27 August, 2011, and I've been back definitely upwards of 15 in London, and a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Broadway!

The score is stunning and never fails to give me goosebumps no matter how many times I hear it. I also love the fact that the story has a bit of everything - drama, humour, romance, intrigue. Going so many times, I enjoy how I pick up on different nuances and take different things away from each performance.

I got to thinking about my favourite casting a while ago, when the new production was announced. Over the years that I've been a fan of the show, I've seen 10 different Valjeans and seven different Javerts. My favourite Valjeans have been Chris Holland, Ramin Karimloo, Simon Gleeson and Peter Lockyer. Favourite Javerts are Hadley Fraser, Tam Mutu, David Thaxton and Jeremy Secomb.

As a pairing, my heart belongs to Peter and Jeremy, or David's Javert alongside Dean Chisnall as Valjean - for me, their chemistry was really incredible. I'd also like to mention Adam Linstead, who played Thenardier on a few of my early trips and was belly-laugh-out-loud glorious.

Dream casting wise, I'm itching to see Trevor Dion Nicholas as Javert. I think his voice has a richness and power to it that would be brilliant for the role!

The Shows That Made Us: LES MISERABLES
Kerrie with Hadley Fraser

As for the movie, I adored certain casting (Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Samantha Barks), and loved looking out for those people I know from the show or the theatre community. I especially loved the inclusion of the Bishop at the end (why he is not there in the stage version/why Eponine features when she does in the finale has always baffled me).

But, overall, it didn't connect with me the way the stage show does. Plus, the less I say about the casting of my favourite character, the better...

I haven't seen the show since the "new" production started, though I believe it's based on the Broadway staging, which, having seen myself at a time where I was feeling rather disillusioned about the show in London, totally rekindled my passion for Les Mis. I can't wait to experience that staging again. I know a lot of people were sad about the loss of the revolve and the new staging, but I hope audiences continue to embrace the show for its story and incredible music.

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