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I'm currently on my way to London and I can hardly contain my excitement! I begin my journey and my blog from the plane, which is actually quite a bad idea since I should be sleeping instead of typing, as to not be a jet lagged zombie when I land in the morning. I also probably shouldn't have had that glass of wine the flight steward offered, as it can dry the vocal I'm off to a good start!

If I seem extra restless, it's because this particular trip is jam packed. In the course of 13 days, I will be giving 3 sold out performances at the Royal Albert Hall's Elgar Room, seeing five West End shows, meeting Derren Brown, filming a live appearance on The Paul O'Grady Show, doing a photo shoot, playing another show in Brighton, sightseeing with my husband and continuing my quest to meet Benedict Cumberbatch. The last I do at the reluctance of my husband who only tolerates my infatuation because he closely resembles the star. My husband is a very tolerant man.

Here's the plan. Upon landing, I'll head for the Heathrow Express and after quickly settling in at my lodging, will go straight to a music rehearsal with my accompanist Joe Louis Robinson. We'll run through my Elgar Room show and song options for the Paul O'Grady Show. Joe is young, incredibly energetic and talented. Just the thought of that is exhausting me so I will attempt to sleep again. No one is in the seat next to me so perhaps I can curl up in a ball. (A welcome benefit of being petite!) Be back in a few winks.

Fish and Chips, with vinegar?

I'm safe in London and as is tradition for me, I had proper fish and chips as my first meal in town. (I still haven't embraced the vinegar but I'll keep trying.)

No matter how many times I ride the tube, I can't get over how clean the entire system is. I love New York City but we sure could take a lesson from you in underground cleanliness! All over the stations I see posters for of the West End shows and I wish I could see them all and be in them all...hint, hint! This trip, I'm going to see Good People with the brilliant Imelda Staunton, The Book Of Mormon because I enjoyed it so much the first time I have to go back to see if it's still as hysterical the second time around, The Pajama Game and The Velma Celli Show at my old stomping ground, The Hippodrome.

Tomorrow, I'll be catching the opening night of Fings Ain't What They Used T'Be with musical direction by none other than Joe Louis Robinson, who, by the way, just made me sing full-out in the voices of about 30 different female celebrities and made me hit multiple high E flats. Must remember to make him play Rachmaninoff when he's jet lagged in NYC...

I feel grateful and anxious about what the next 12 days hold for me. Performing at the Royal Albert Hall is an incredible hono(u)r and I want to do it justice. I've been a huge fan of Paul O'Grady for years and now I'll get to meet him and be on a show that all my UK friends watch. I'll also be joining forces with Velma Celli for the very first time, at The Proud Cabaret Brighton. If you've ever seen Velma's show, you know that anything can happen! So I'll just have to be prepared for anything! I'm optimistic that I can do it all without embarrassing myself or crying like a baby from the pressure or joy. I just need preparation, sleep, the support of my friends and of course, some good tea. Wish me broken legs and I'll catch up with you again soon!

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