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Upstage Company to Perform Online Cabaret

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Upstage Company to Perform Online Cabaret

Upstage Company, a theatre club within Coastal Carolina University, isn't going to let isolation keep them from the biggest event of their year. Upstage plans on hosting an online version of their Miscast Cabaret and Senior Recognition!

"Thank you all so much for doing this," Leslie, a current CCU student said. "Stay safe and stay sane!"

Upstage has been putting on the annual Miscast Cabaret for over six years now and it is a crowd favorite. The cabaret allows members to perform as a character that, traditionally, they would never be cast as. Some of the more popular choices are age bending, gender bending, etc. The goal is to provide an open and inclusive environment for young theatre artists to work on and improve their skills through this hard time.

"Being able to host this event was something that I, as well as the rest of the executive board, was so passionate about and we have worked really hard to make it happen," current president, Jordyn, said. "We are so excited to see all the pieces and make this a memorable year for, not only our members, but the amazing seniors."

Upstage will be hosting a live, online airing of the video through Facebook Live on April 30th at 7:30PM and then plans on posting it to the Upstage YouTube page the following day.

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