Theatre Information

New York City Center (New York, NY)
131 West 55th St. (between 6th and 7th Avenues)

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Annie Get Your Gun Production Information


May 31, 1966

Closing:July 09, 1966
# Performances:47
Theatres: New York City Center (New York, NY)
5/31/1966 - 7/9/1966

Production Type:Revival
Production Status:
Run Type:Limited Run
Version:Lincoln Center Version


Other Productions of Annie Get Your Gun

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Audio Recordings

1946  Original Broadway Cast
1947  Original London Cast
1947  Australian Cast
1947  Studio Cast
1950s (i)  Studio Cast
1950s (ii)  Studio Cast
1950  Film Soundtrack
1957  Studio Cast
1958  Studio Cast
1961 (i)  Studio Cast
1961 (ii)  Studio Cast
1962  Studio Cast
1963  Studio Cast
1965  Studio Cast
1966  Lincoln Center Cast
1968  Studio Cast
1973  Studio Cast
1986  London Revival Cast
1990  Studio Cast
1994  Excerpts (Lost in Boston)
1995 (i)  Studio Cast
1995 (ii)  Studio Cast
1999  Broadway Revival Cast
2001  Sampler

Show Information

SHOW TYPE: Musical

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

Buffalo Bill
a.k.a. Colonel Buffalo Bill
I'm a Bad, Bad Man
a.k.a. Bin ein Bosewicht
Doin' What Comes Naturally
a.k.a. Doin' What Comes Natur'lly
a.k.a. Doing What Comes Naturally
a.k.a. Weil es ganz von selber geht
a.k.a. A la Manera Natural
The Girl That I Marry
a.k.a. Die Frau meiner Traume
a.k.a. Novia Que Quiero, La
You Can't Get a Man with a Gun
a.k.a. Can't Get a Man with a Gun
a.k.a. Am Schiesseisen beisst keiner an
a.k.a. Por Mi Rifle No Tengo Galan
Show Business
a.k.a. There's No Business Like Show Business
a.k.a. Schauspieler sind Schauspieler
a.k.a. Que Siga la Funcion
They Say It's Wonderful
a.k.a. Man sagt, Verliebtsein, das ware wundervoll
a.k.a. Musica del Amor, La
Moonshine Lullaby
a.k.a. Wiegenlied
I'll Share It All with You
a.k.a. Circus Dance
My Defenses Are Down
a.k.a. Ich bin wehrlos vor ihr
a.k.a. Ya No Se Resistir
a.k.a. My Defences Are Down
Wild Horse Ceremonial Dance
a.k.a. Drum Dance
Ceremonial Chant
I'm an Indian Too
a.k.a. Weil ich Indianerin bin
Adoption Dance
Lost in His Arms
a.k.a. I Got Lost in His Arms
a.k.a. Als der Mond purpurrot wie Burgunder war
a.k.a. Me Perdi en Su Mirar
Who Do You Love, I Hope?
a.k.a. Who Do You Love I Hope
a.k.a. Zufallig trifft man sich
Sun in the Morning
a.k.a. I've Got the Sun in the Morning
a.k.a. Ich hab' die goldene Sonne und den Silbermond
a.k.a. Yo Tengo el Sol y la Luna
a.k.a. I Got the Sun in the Morning
Anything You Can Do
a.k.a. Alles, was Du kannst, das kann ich viel besser
a.k.a. Cualquier Cosa Que Hagas Tu


Let's Go West Again

Cut prior to opening

Take It in Your Stride

Written for the 1966 revival

An Old-Fashioned Wedding
a.k.a. An Old Fashioned Wedding
a.k.a. Boda a la Antigua
Wild West Pitch Dance
a.k.a. Wild West Ballet
Ceremonial Dance
The Bird and the Bees

Annie Get Your Gun - 1966 Broadway Awards and Nominations

(winners are in red)

Tony Awards - 1967 - Best Choreography
Danny Daniels
Tony Awards - 1967 - Best Direction of a Musical
Jack Sydow