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(A Belle of Hungary)

(A Belle of Hungary)

(A Belle of Hungary)

(Queen of the Night Restaurants)

(Glass Washer in the Little Cafe)

(A Detective)

(Philibert's Daughter)

(Cashier in the Little Cafe)

(Major Domo of Prince Max)

(A Promoter)

(Prince Max's Aide-de-camp)

(A Hungarian Singer)

(A Belle of Hungary)

(Head Waiter at the Restaurant Grand Gala)

(A Belle of Hungary)

(Proprietor of the Little Cafe)

(A Belle of Hungary)

(A Young Man About Town)

(Waiter in the Little Cafe)

Production Team

F. Richard Anderson Costume Designer
Schneider-Anderson Company Costume Designer
Anton Heindl Musical Director
Edward G. Unitt Scenic Designer
Joseph Wickes Scenic Designer