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I'm beginning to notice a theme at this year's festival. It seems as though every other show is about a twentysomething feeling like they don't have a handle on their life and wondering what the future holds. It seems to be a very relevant subject just now and one that many people relate to, as they watch all their friends get married and wonder if they'll ever own a house.

Katie Brennan finished uni and moved to London with grand ideas. Due to sky-high rent costs she had to find a job, any job, and her life wasn't going quite how she expected. This is a comedy cabaret and songs featured include "I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw", "Bad Bridesmaid" and a particularly hilarious one about all the bad sex you'll have in your twenties. Brennan has a fantastic voice and the songs have been cleverly written.

There is also a lot of Nineties nostalgia, including a medley of classic pop songs and nods to forgotten items such as hair mascara. There are also more personal elements to the show as Brennan opens up about her anxiety and tips for self-care. Katie Brennan's Quarter-Life Crisis is a great little musical comedy show. There are big laughs, but also a sweet little message about self-belief and friendship, which make this a really fun night out at the Fringe.

Katie Brennan's Quarter-Life Crisis runs at the Underbelly until 29 August.

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