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Blueprint at The Lyceum Theatre


6/22/2018 - 7/1/2018


The Lyceum Theatre

79 Horton Plaza
San Diego,CA 92101
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Phone: 0212637593

Blueprint in San Diego

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Combining their experience of hip hop, contemporary dance & theatre, they are bringing to San Diego a brand new hybrid of movement - unique to Connor Masseurs & Toa Paranihi’s talents. Bringing the audience an entertaining & original form of theatre.

“We’re exposing two worlds to each other [contemporary & hip hop] to something that might not be the norm in their usual world. Finding our niche between the two, its a discovery for us as artists too.” Connor explains. “Its cool movement & fun times.”

“Connor Masseurs and Toa Paranihi.. are a force to be reckoned with on the stage; the recent New Zealand School of Dance graduates bring a genuine dynamism and vibrant passion to the performance landscape.”
- Leah Maclean DANZ – Dance Aotearoa New Zealand

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